TSMC world advanced semiconductor industry needs to continue to heat up, in October to turn the beau-pr011.msi

TSMC UMC world advanced semiconductor benefit demand continued warming, October produce beautiful results – Sohu [Technews] benefit science and technology science news in 2016 the overall semiconductor development effect remained buoyant, foundries in Taiwan Chinese October performance is also good news performance in succession. The first leading foundry TSMC in Taiwan, to benefit from the mobile phone chip shipments steady circumstances, in October consolidated revenue reached NT $91 billion 85 million transcripts, 1.5% increase compared to 89 billion 700 million yuan in September, compared with 2015 increased by 11.4% over the same period, the highest single month record high times records. In fact, TSMC in the high-end mobile phone chip demand warming, emerging markets continue to grow under the condition of shipping industry, a TSMC revenue growth. Cumulative revenue in 2016 before the year came to 776 billion 796 million yuan, an increase of over the same period in 2015, an increase of 7.6%. As for the outlook for the fourth quarter, in addition to the mobile phone market continues to maintain high-end, coupled with the demand for personal computers and efficient computing will also lead to the development of another market. Therefore, to maintain the off-season is not light, the estimated fourth quarter revenue will reach between $255 billion to $258 billion, the quarter minus between 0.9% to -2%. Full year revenue is expected to grow from 11% to compared to 2015. TSMC 10 closing price reached $185.5 per share, up $3.5. While the other foundries UMC, published on the 9 October revenue that October consolidated revenue from personal computer, communications and related baseband processor chip needs steady state, amount to 12 billion 830 million yuan, an increase of 0.77% compared to September, compared with 2015 increased by 6.42% over the same period. Cumulative, the first 10 months of revenue is to come to $122 billion 397 million, compared with the same period in 2015 fell slightly by 0.52%. Union said that the fourth quarter of the PC market has a good performance, communications applications processor and baseband chip demand will continue to grow in the case. Fourth quarter revenue will be roughly unchanged from the third quarter. On wafer shipments, the fourth quarter is expected to grow by more than a quarter of last year, while the average selling price will fall by about 5%, or about $5%. United 10 closing price came to $11.6 per share price, up $0.1. As the world advanced part is influenced to an increase in IC driver and power management chip demand, October consolidated revenue reached 2 billion 250 million yuan, an increase of 4.9% compared with September, a record since the 19 month revenue highs. Cumulative, the first 10 months of revenue reached $21 billion 480 million, an increase of 8.86%. The world advanced expectations, in the TV and intelligent mobile phone driver IC, as well as industrial and vehicle mixed signal IC, and power management chip, shipments are expected to continue to introduce相关的主题文章:

Winter maintenance method of mahogany furniture with different materials-shishangqiyi

Different materials of mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture and maintenance method of winter maintenance in winter to the dry climate, the seasonal mahogany furniture most vulnerable, especially now living buildings, indoor heating baking, cause indoor dry climate intensified. How can we maintain mahogany furniture, mahogany furniture to make it through the winter? Mahogany furniture maintenance supplies, maintenance methods and maintenance of different materials and other issues become a topic of concern to consumers, this print to the vast number of mahogany enthusiasts to introduce some mahogany furniture winter maintenance methods. Rosewood furniture new rosewood furniture, in the first two years there will be some small problems, such as cracking in winter, but the cracking characteristics of cracks is relatively small, such as the small problems are a normal phenomenon, consumers do not panic, two basic will not appear again. Consumers in the purchase of furniture should pay attention to buy the kind of furniture with expansion joints, expansion joints will give the furniture to provide expansion and contraction of space, can ensure that the furniture does not crack or crack open small. Basic maintenance can operate on their own at home, you can also find professional mahogany furniture maintenance agencies do. Huanghuali furniture if huanghuali furniture deformation, bending, but not serious, can use the heater from the side blow, can make the furniture back slowly. If it is a newly bought Huanghua pear furniture, generally after three winter and summer after two, to enter the stable period. After the winter, the available walnut oil or wax wipe, to do the best maintenance home furniture. Of course, in order to make furniture, no problem, need to meet the national requirements of indoor humidity, do not deliberately in the furniture placed next to the aquarium or humidifier to furniture furniture certainly do blow, deformation. If the furniture does not crack the cracks themselves, should be returned to the manufacturers or professional repair agency repair. The northern part of the furniture is in the north, and the environment is hot and cold. We must let the Blackwood furniture away from the heating, air conditioning and heating equipment, or the appropriate use of the humidifier, the furniture in the dry season and some more. It should be noted that once the acid branch furniture cracking or excessive expansion of the situation, it is necessary to ask the manufacturers to repair the master. Therefore, the daily maintenance of acid sticks furniture should spend more time and thought, of course, need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the details of the site. Rosewood furniture Burma pear is very stable, generally does not appear large cracks. From winter to winter over two times the wax on it. There will be no problem if the wood is dried and dried naturally. It is the same as other wood can not be exposed, hot water and too close to the heating. Buy rosewood furniture should pay attention to buy the kind of plate is made of wax furniture. To ask the manufacturers ahead of time, even if such a telescopic furniture, does not affect the appearance. Some of the new plate is not unlike waxing, exposing the inside of the core until after the telescopic showing and waxed surface is not the same color, beautiful. (Wang Xinhua) source: Dazhong daily相关的主题文章:

[Chinese] Lippi’s first football training Qinliqinwei + open 15 minutes before Zhang Yuning back – S-soojin

[Chinese] Lippi’s first football training Qinliqinwei + open 15 minutes Zhang Yuning did not rejoin the national football sports Sohu – the new coach Lippi arrived in Kunming in November 2nd, started led the Orangemen to participate in World Cup 12 strong Asian game against Qatar battle preparations. 3 pm, Lippi and the national team debut in Kunming Haigeng training base, the first training session attracted a large number of media attention. Lippi and the team is at 2 pm Beijing time 5:30, flew from Guangzhou to Kunming Changshui International Airport, and then go directly to the base camp. The 3 day at 15:45 in the afternoon, the first training session in 15, No. 16, Haigeng base starts, Lippi and the players appear together in the horizon. Lippi with the team coach after the exchange of training content, he personally began to lift the filling wall, placed irritating training equipment, measuring equipment placed distance; the players started to make high leg lift, jogging, fitness coach under the leadership of stretching and other preparatory activities. It is reported that the training team, in addition to Holland, Zhang Yuning temporarily not to the outside, the remaining 24 players have already arrived. In the opening of the media for 15 minutes, the players did not have ball training, the coach did not arrange the interview with the coaches and players. After that, the team will enter the full closed training phase.相关的主题文章: