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His wife’s strict commitment, "never separated", took care of paralyzed husband for 23 years – Sohu news more than 20 years, Chen Haiping has been taking care of paralyzed husband Zhang Congrong, "this year, the most happy and stable."." Chen Haiping, a 63 year old man in Nanjing, held his husband’s hand in a wheelchair, with a face satisfied. In March 1993, a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, so that only 47 years old Zhang Congrong paralyzed from now on, no self-care ability. For more than 20 years, the wife’s care, so that he always keep his hair neat, clean and warm, there is no dirt. "I was practicing a promise 23 years ago, when he was unconscious, I said to him," take good care of him forever, and we’ll never be separated. ". This year is twenty-fourth years, and I never forget it." Relieved: "my payment is in return for him to eat and laugh." yesterday was Valentine’s day. For Chen Haiping, this festival seemed to have been away from her for a long time, but she was still grateful for this new year. "On the eve of the new year’s Eve, he started coughing violently and couldn’t get in and drink. I am anxious to have cooked the dinner on New Year’s Eve, results and the two sons of diarrhea." Zhang Congrong sat on the side of the wheelchair, staring at his wife, smiling and laughing. "He will not speak, nor will he go, talk to him, do not have any response, but I think of him as a healthy person, chat with him, joke, make him happy."." Chen Haiping every day need to vegetables, rice and fruit all processed into paste, call the husband to give her husband through nasal feeding; brush, exercise, laundry, barber, night stand up, help the toilet etc.. "The happiest thing for me is to have a full sleep, even one night."." Even so, she still felt relieved. "My efforts were exchanged for him to eat, drink and laugh."." The collapse of her husband because of cerebral hemorrhage fell at the end of March 16, 1993, and resolutely take charge as chief of husband Zhang Congrong has been knocked down. The hospital examination results for cerebral hemorrhage, Zhang Congrong continuous coma for 24 days. Her husband was hospitalized for more than 40 days, Chen Haiping take care of him not to undress. Zhang Congrong not only woke up, but also communicated with his family. The thought of a bitter bitter day, it can get better, which occurred 2010, serious brain water let Zhang Congrong again life on the line, 40 days on the 3 surgery, Zhang Congrong couldn’t even sit up. Chen Haiping spent another half a year letting her husband learn to sit and stand. She has a belief: "as long as I don’t give up, he’ll be fine."." Commitment: "we will never separate" since then, Zhang Congrong has experienced a severe pulmonary infection, heart disease and so on, were ultimately pulled back from the gates of hell. "If I will not firm, will soon collapse and give up, but I know his life in my hand, I just slightly loosen, he might have been killed," Chen Haiping knows "promise" two word weight than anyone, "he was in a coma when I told him to take. Take care of him for a lifetime, we will never separate. This year is twenty-fourth years, and I never forget it..

妻子严守承诺“永远不分离” 照顾瘫痪丈夫23载-搜狐新闻 20多年来,陈海萍一直悉心照顾瘫痪的丈夫张从容   “今年这个年,过得最幸福安稳。”63岁的南京人陈海萍握着轮椅上丈夫的手,一脸满足。   1993年3月,一场突如其来的脑出血,让当时只有47岁的张从容从此瘫痪,毫无自理能力。20多年里,妻子的悉心照顾,让他始终保持头发整齐、身上干净温暖、没有一点污物。“我在践行23年前的一句承诺,他昏迷时我曾对他说,要好好照顾他一辈子,我们永远不分离。今年是第24年,这句话,我一刻都没忘记。”   欣慰:   “我的付出换回他能吃能笑”   昨天是情人节,对于陈海萍来说,这个节日似乎已经和她远离很久,但她依旧对这个新年心存感激。“回想去年除夕当天,他开始剧烈咳嗽,吃不进、喝不进。我急得年夜饭都没煮熟,结果和两个儿子都上吐下泻。”   张从容坐在一旁的轮椅上,眼神一直盯着妻子,看到她笑,也跟着笑起来。“他现在不会说,也不会走,和他说话,没有任何回应,但我把他当成健康的人,一样和他聊天,说笑话逗他开心。”   陈海萍每天需要把所有的菜、饭、水果都加工成糊状,通过鼻饲打给丈夫;还要给丈夫擦身、锻炼、换洗衣服、理发、夜里翻身、帮忙上厕所等等。“对我来说最幸福的事,就是能睡个整觉,哪怕一晚也好。”即便如此,她依旧感到欣慰,“我的付出,换回了他能吃能喝能笑。”   崩溃:   丈夫因为脑出血倒下了   1993年3月16日夜里,一向独当一面、雷厉风行的丈夫张从容,被击倒了。医院检查结果为脑出血,张从容连续昏迷了24天。   丈夫住院40多天,陈海萍衣不解带地照顾他。张从容不仅醒了,还能和家人简单地交流。本以为苦一苦,日子能慢慢好起来,哪想到,2010年,严重的脑部积水让张从容再次命悬一线,40天内上了3次手术台,张从容连坐都坐不起来了。   陈海萍再次花了半年时间,让丈夫学会了坐和站。她有个信念:“只要我不放弃,他就会好。”   承诺:   “我们永远不分离”   此后,张从容又经历过严重的肺部感染、心脏病等等,最终都被从鬼门关拽了回来。   “如果我意志不坚定,马上就会崩溃和放弃,但我知道,他的生命握在我手中,我只要稍微松一松,他可能就没命了,”陈海萍比任何人都知道“承诺”二字的重量,“他昏迷时我曾对他说,要好好照顾他一辈子,我们永远不分离。今年是第24年,这句话,我一刻都没忘记。”   如今,陈海萍还有一个最大的心愿――两个分别出生于1975年和1978年的儿子,至今没有结婚。陈海萍说,希望有善良的女孩可以与她联系。相关的主题文章:

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Gansu Province, the precise poverty special loan project made multi effect — Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: Gansu province precise poverty special loan project made comprehensive multiple effect "irrigation" to "drip" blood transfusion "and" blood "– Gansu Province special loan project to obtain the precise poverty multi effect" is well-off, the key to the villagers." Rural poor population is the short board of building a well-off society in an all-round way, which needs to be filled. There are 1 million 10 thousand households and 4 million 170 thousand poor people in 58 counties and 17 flower arranging counties in Gansu Province, accounting for about 16% of the total population of the province. How to help about 4000000 poor people shake off poverty is the most arduous task for Gansu to build a well-off society in an all-round way. "Extraordinary things are going to be very difficult."". In 2015, the Provincial Department of Finance and the relevant banking financial institutions, launched the precise poverty alleviation special loan project, is both a major highlight of precision poverty alleviation, but also a major innovation of financial poverty alleviation. Since July of last year to start the implementation, all according to the actual situation, to continue to explore in practice, local, village facilities strategy, user facilities, financial poverty alleviation from flood irrigation for precision irrigation, financial aid from the "blood transfusion" to "blood", to resolve the problem of the poverty of the masses loans and your loan, try to find a new way out of the "leveraging financial capital, financial security, promoting industrial development, driven by government responsibility link", made political interaction, promote win-win double silver bank, with rich households Shuanghui integrated multiple benefits. With precision poverty alleviation loans, get rid of poverty, "I can do it."!" Bridges, labyrinth Gallery, shade plants, red and white walls of the houses around the flowers bloom…… Walking in the Linxia County Gou tunnel dasatinib village, everywhere can feel the vitality of this remote village exudes. Sitting in the spacious and bright house, the 50 year old horse flew with emotion and said: "before, I really want to dare to think that I can live a good life today."!" A horse fly is a member, dasatinib village seven before 2015, seven agency 25 people lived in the mountains, the hard road, drinking water is difficult, difficult, difficult, housing difficult to go to school is a true portrayal of life. In the memory of the horse flying, he has done one thing all his life — build a house, the old house on the mountain collapsed, covered the collapse, collapsed and covered…… Eventually, the money was spent, and life was still in the initial poverty. In early 2015, Linxia County consolidated funds to implement the relocation project, fundamentally solve the difficulties of the masses living in the mountains. Life is stable, poor farmers want to develop their industries, but they have no capital. This year, the horse flew through the application, get precise poverty alleviation special loans 50 thousand yuan, became the first batch of the village to get the loan of poor households. Soon, the horse flew to have had the hand pulled noodles training son opened a beef noodle shop in Xining, the year profit of more than 3 yuan. The turning point of life makes the horse fly to see the hope of poverty alleviation, now, under the support of village cadres, he himself transferred 40 acres of land planting angelica, conservative estimate, when the harvest of Angelica this year, his family income will be greatly improved. Ma Yangang, a farmer of Ma Yangang village, is the famous poor family in the village of Weiyuan Town, Sichuan Province. There are 23 years old this year

甘肃省精准扶贫专项贷款工程取得综合多元效应–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:甘肃省精准扶贫专项贷款工程取得综合多元效应 “漫灌”变“滴灌”“输血”促“造血” ――甘肃省精准扶贫专项贷款工程取得综合多元效应 “小康不小康,关键看老乡。”农村贫困人口是全面建成小康社会的短板,亟待补齐。甘肃省58个片区贫困县和17个插花县,有101万户、417万贫困人口,约占全省总人口的16%。如何帮助400多万贫困人口脱贫,是甘肃建成全面小康社会面临的最艰巨任务。 “非常之事必待非常之举”。2015年省财政厅与相关银行业金融机构合作,推出的精准扶贫专项贷款工程,既是精准扶贫的一大亮点,也是金融扶贫的一大创举。自去年7月启动实施以来,各地坚持从实际出发,在实践中不断探索,因地制宜、因村施策、因户施法,金融扶贫从“大水漫灌”变为“精准滴灌”,财政扶贫从“输血”变为“造血”,破解了贫困群众贷款难、贷款贵的难题,探索走出了“财政资金撬动、金融保障推动、产业发展带动、政府责任联动”的新路子,取得了政银互动、银企双促共赢、产户双惠同富的综合多元效益。 有了精准扶贫贷款,脱贫致富“我能行!” 小桥流水、曲径画廊,绿荫掩映下,红顶白墙的民宅四周鲜花盛开……行走在临夏县掌子沟乡达沙村,四处都能感受到这个偏僻小山村散发出的勃勃生机。 坐在自家宽敞明亮的屋内,50岁的马所飞有感慨道:“以前真是想都不敢想能过上如今的好日子!”马所飞有是达沙村七社的一员,2015年之前,七社的25户人都住在山区,行路难、吃水难、住房难、看病难、上学难是生活的真实写照。 在马所飞有的记忆里,他一辈子就干了一件事――盖房子,山上的老屋塌了盖,盖了塌,塌了再盖……最终,钱花完了,生活依然在最初的贫困中。 2015年初,临夏县整合资金,实施易地搬迁项目,从根本上解决了山区群众的生活困难。 生活安定了,贫困农民想发展产业,却苦于没有资金。 这一年,马所飞有通过申请,拿到了精准扶贫专项贷款5万元,成为村里第一批拿到该项贷款的贫困户。不久,马所飞有曾接受过拉面培训的儿子在西宁开了一家牛肉面馆,当年获利3万余元。 生活的转机让马所飞有看到了脱贫致富的希望,如今,在村干部的帮扶下,他自己流转了40亩土地种植当归,保守估算,今年当归收获时,他的家庭收入状况将有较大提高。 渭源县会川镇罗家磨村农民马彦刚一家是该村有名的贫困户,今年23岁的马彦刚上有年迈的爷爷奶奶和常年患病的父母,下有一个上初中的弟弟,两年前,马彦刚的孩子在出生后不久被查出脑出血,使这个贫困的家庭彻底陷入绝望。 精准扶贫专项贷款的到来,给这个千疮百孔的家庭带来曙光。 经过一番规划,马彦刚用5万元买了4头牛、6只羊,发展养殖业,去年以6800元的价格出售了一头牛犊,今年还可以再卖3头,6只羊也繁殖到了20只。马彦刚家的小日子一天天好起来。他说:“以前家人总是愁云满面,现在精神头可足了。” 利用精准扶贫专项贷款,新集镇赵牌村的卜国玉从事起布鞋加工,刘坪乡张寨村的高中斌在县城开了电焊铺……在全省各地,贫困户自主发展的事例不胜枚举。 对有经营能力、有贷款需求的贫困户,金融机构快捷高效地将贷款直接发放到户。一年来,甘肃省贫困户脱贫致富的动力被大大激发,多形式、多渠道的增收手段在全省遍地开花,种植、养殖、开店做生意…… 有贷款无项目,怎么办? 当麦积区花牛镇元柳村的贫困户杨保宝拿到5万元专项贷款时,66岁的他和老伴却都犯了愁。没知识、没技术、更没有增收项目,这钱怎么花?没几天,老两口合计着:“干脆把这钱送回去,免得忍不住乱花了。” 基层干部在走访中发现,部分群众除了发展缺资金以外,像杨保宝这样的贫困户因致富无门路、发展无项目,都存在着专项贷款“用哪里”“怎么用”的困惑。 近日,记者见到杨保宝时,他正穿梭于大片的苹果园中忙着除草,说起之前还钱的想法,他笑着说:“那钱我放合作社了,不仅没还,我和老伴还成了这里的‘双职工’呢!” 原来,当得知老两口的想法后,在村干部帮助协调下,杨保宝夫妇两人被吸收成为集团下属的天水市麦积区花牛果品农民专业合作社社员。2015年合作社带动500多户建档立卡贫困户,提供两种模式,即农户自己生产苹果,合作社提供技术指导,收获之后再卖给合作社;另一种是企业流转村民土地,进行集中生产,企业和村民分红。杨保宝夫妇属于后者,除了每年4000元的分红,老两口每年的工资收入约1.5万元,加上土地流转费,杨保宝说:“自从用了精准扶贫专项贷款,不仅脱了贫,还减轻了子女的负担,花自己的钱就是畅快!” 麦积区花牛青军种植农民专业合作社是花牛镇白家河村的村民互助合作组织,合作社以“支部+合作社+农户+电商服务平台”的模式带动全村启动白家河村南山优质果园建设,目前种植苹果6083亩,核桃1960亩。2015年合作社与全村100户建档立卡贫困户签订三方带动协议,吸纳资金500万元,贫困户实现了“贷款分红+土地流转费+合作社务工收入+果园收入”四方面稳定的经济收入,实现了整村脱贫。目前全村贫困户人均可支配收入达到6300余元。 在渭源县碧远树苗培育专业合作社,建档立卡贫困户已达到了200多户;秦安县腾飞果业专业合作社以“公司+基地+农户”的发展模式,改变了农民独门独户的经营方式,打造产加销一体的经营模式,促进了农业规模化、区域化、产业化发展,对于贫困户每户5万元贷款入股,合作社三年一次性支付农户1万元的利润分红;临夏县南塬乡金果养殖农民专业合作社主要从事肉羊育肥和良种羊繁育,2015年开始进行全乡建档立卡户“三融模式”,即融人、融土地、融资金,截至当年年底,合作社年出栏肉羊10万只,年净利润1200万元,社员分红300多万元,使一大批农民在家门口挣到了每年3万元左右的工资。 一年多来,甘肃省195家合作社带动了9760户有贷款意愿,但经营能力较弱,需要帮扶发展的贫困户,因地制宜,通过资金、土地、劳动力入股,实现贫困户稳定和持久的脱贫。 “公司+农户”,让贫困群众收入稳定 针对无力经营但有贷款意愿的贫困户,甘肃省各地创造性地采取了“农户贷款、带资入股、就业分红”的形式,通过签订协议,把优惠贷款投放到龙头企业,按比例分红,包盈不包亏,并在企业务工,从而带动贫困户增收致富。 会川镇贫困户王彩兰就是这种模式的受益者,50岁的她家有6口人,在拿到精准扶贫专项贷款之前,家中有两个老人生病,丈夫在外打工,每月工资不过3000元,她本人则在家一边种地,一边照顾老人和上学的孩子,生活窘迫。 2015年,王彩兰把5万元贷款投放到当地的渭源县德园堂药业有限公司,不仅每年可以从公司拿到4000元的利息,而且作为德园堂的常用工,她每个月都有2000元的收入,加之离家又近,自己可以灵活调整时间,家庭工作两不误。 德园堂总经理牛卫红告诉记者,其公司产品取得国家GMP认证证书和进出口许可证,目前公司经营的中药饮片远销韩国、日本及东南亚国家,2015年生产能力为5000吨,今年又增加了100户贫困户注资的500万元,预计产品生产量将超过6000吨。 位于秦安县安伏镇的雪原果业有限公司是一家集果品收购、储存、加工销售于一体的企业,该公司利用“企业+贫困农户”的贷款模式,实现企业与贫困户合作双赢。2015年通过贫困户贷款,企业集中使用,落实40户的贷款200万元,今年落实31户的贷款155万元,企业通过集中使用贫困户贷款增加了投入,每户贫困户三年共获得10500元的补助资金。 同时,根据贫困户意愿,分批分类进行技能培训,让更多农民参与到产业发展中,并为接受培训的农户提供就业岗位,增加贫困户的工资收入。在市场不景气的情况下,公司凭着多年打通的销售渠道,在收购苹果时通过适当提高价格、增大收购量、放宽收购条件等手段,彻底解决了果农产销运输过程难、运输费用高、没有销售渠道的难题。 “输血”促“造血”,多元效应初步显现 实践证明,精准扶贫专项贷款不仅解决了贫困群众脱贫致富的资金问题,而且带动了特色产业和区域发展;不仅激发了贫困农户内在活力和发展动力,而且增强了群众对政府的信任,成为贫困农户发展致富的有效举措,成为精准扶贫精准脱贫的有力抓手。 截至2016年9月20日,全省累计发放精准扶贫专项贷款422.9亿元(2016年新增贷款211.5亿元),户均4.5万元,惠及94万户、388.1万贫困人口。其中:379亿元由农户自主使用,占90%;43.9亿元带动集中使用,占10%。今年贷款计划224亿元已发放211.5亿元,进度94.4%。全省实施专项贷款工程的75个县(市、区)中,永登、清水、天祝等38县(市、区)已全部发放到户,其余37县(市、区)正在抓紧发放。 精准扶贫专项贷款工程实施一年以来,农户通过贷款发展产业,收入不断增加,通过企业集中使用贷款,带资入股,企业在贷款时已提前给农户支付分红,5万元贷款农户可增加4000元收入。采访中,来自基层一线的干部普遍认为,贷款不但解决了贫困农户发展产业的资金问题,而且多元效应初步显现。 通过县级政府主体责任的落实,创新了扶贫资源的使用方式,调动了基层干部扶贫工作的能动性,搭建了干事创业的平台;通过政府引导、企业带动以及贷款农户的示范,创新了扶贫开发的模式,增强了贫困农户脱贫增收的信心,实现了由“输血”向“造血”的转变;通过集中使用贷款,贫困农户与企业利益紧密结合,企业得到贷款,拓宽了发展空间,多渠道增加贫困农户收入,实现了贷款农户和企业的双赢;通过基层干部和驻村帮扶工作队贷前入户调查、产业引导、带动对接,摸清了群众需求,帮助农户理清了脱贫思路、找到了致富门路,密切了干群关系。通过特惠金融,引导银行资金进入扶贫领域,开辟了扶贫开发新的资金渠道,为农村金融市场注入了活水,既推动了脱贫攻坚进程,又可实现银行可持续发展。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章:

An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred in Yunnan, Eryuan vidown

Earthquake occurred in Yunnan, Eryuan, 4.5 earthquake, obvious earthquake sensation – China new net Kunming 8 February (Zhang Jun) 8 7:30 in the morning, Yunnan, Dali, Eryuan County, 4.5 earthquake, the focal depth of 12 km. Then 7:39, near Eryuan county again occurred 4 earthquake, focal depth of 10 km. The epicenter was located after Joe Town, about 36 kilometers away from Eryuan county. There were obvious tremors in the vicinity of Eryuan county. "Nothing was felt this morning," my friend told me, and I knew the Eryuan earthquake." Living in the center of Eryuan County Du Yanjuan told reporters, "this earthquake after Joe Town is one of the Eryuan County earthquake debris flow, multiple places, there is almost no seismic county." The netizen who lives in the double corridor in Dali said that when the earthquake happened in the morning, it was thought that someone had set off a big firecracker. Then, through the Internet, there was an earthquake in Eryuan in the morning. Some netizens said that county, adjacent to Eryuan Prefecture, was strongly felt in Lanping prefecture. Lanping County Propaganda Department propaganda office director Li Yebao in his hometown, obviously feel the shaking. "From the Seismological Bureau, it was strongly felt in Lanping, but there was no destructive result." Eryuan county Party Committee Propaganda Department said that the earthquake occurred sparsely populated places. Xishan, the surrounding Eryuan County iron, Yunlong County, Changxin Whitehead, Guan Ping, Shaxi, Jianchuan County figure, Misha Township felt. Up to now, some houses have wall cracks, roof tiles off phenomenon, temporary unmanned animal casualties report, the specific disaster is under verification. After the earthquake, the provincial Party Secretary Li Jiheng given instructions immediately, requiring the state of Dali and Eryuan County, Yunlong County Party committee and government attach great importance to emergency work 4.5 earthquake in Eryuan County, immediately organized further verification of the disaster, as soon as possible and proper placement of the affected people, improve the emergency mechanism, ready to do the anti earthquake disaster rescue to effectively protect people’s lives and property safety, correctly guide public opinion, maintaining social order and stability. Provincial Seismological and meteorological departments should do well the monitoring, prediction and early warning work of the earthquake area. Yunnan Seismological Bureau immediately launched the IV response, provincial leaders rushed to the command hall, arrangements for emergency work. Dispatched a deputy director, the rate of 4 people, the first time the working group rushed to the disaster area, investigate the disaster situation, guide the earthquake relief work. (end)

云南洱源发生4.5级地震 多地震感明显-中新网   中新网昆明2月8日电 (张珺)8日早晨7时30分,云南省大理州洱源县发生4.5级地震,震源深度12千米。随后7时39分,洱源县附近再次发生4.0级地震,震源深度10千米。震中位于乔后镇,距洱源县城约36公里。与洱源县相邻的多地有明显震感。   “今天早上基本上没有什么震感,朋友告诉我,我才知道洱源地震的。”居住在洱源县城中心的杜艳鹃告诉记者,“这次地震的乔后镇是洱源县泥石流、地震比较多发的地方之一,县城里面几乎没有发生过地震。”   居住在大理双廊的网友“远者”表示,早上地震的时候,还以为是有人放了一个特大的鞭炮而已。随后通过网络知道,早上是洱源发生了地震。   有网友表示,与洱源县相邻的怒江州兰坪县震感强烈。兰坪县委宣传部外宣办主任李叶宝在老家里,感觉到明显的摇晃。“从地震局了解的情况是,兰坪震感强烈,但没有破坏性的结果。”   洱源县委宣传部表示,此次地震发生的地方人口稀疏。周边洱源县西山、炼铁,云龙县长新、白石、关坪,剑川县沙溪、象图、弥沙等乡镇有震感。截至目前,部分房屋有墙体拉裂、屋顶瓦片脱落现象,暂无人畜伤亡报告,具体灾情正在核查之中。   地震发生后,省委书记李纪恒立即作出批示,要求大理州及洱源县、云龙县党委、政府高度重视,洱源县4.5级地震的应急处置工作,立即组织力量进一步核查灾情,尽快转移并妥善安置受灾群众,完善相关应急机制,随时做好防大震救大灾的准备,切实保障人民群众生命财产安全,正确引导社会舆论,维护社会秩序稳定。省地震、气象等部门要做好震区的监测、预测和预警工作。   云南省地震局立即启动IV响应,省局领导赶到指挥大厅,安排部署应急处置工作。派出一位副局长率4人工作组第一时间赶赴灾区,调查了解灾情,指导灾区抗震救灾工作。(完)相关的主题文章: