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Motorcycles Today more than ever people are looking to save money on transportation. As the cost of gasoline continues to rise you will see more vehicles designed to be less fuel thirsty to requiring no fuel at all. One of these vehicles that are starting to become popular and very affordable are motorized bicycles. These are fully functional bicycles that have engines attached to them and get up to 150 miles per gallon. I have been seeing them sporadically around town and they always catch my eye as they wiz by. They are usually on simple beach cruisers and mountain bikes with riders of all ages. In the summer of 2008 during the peak of the gas prices, I decided to build a motorized bicycle. I had recently purchased a mountain bike and decided to put one of these 2-cycle engine kits on my mountain bike, which took many hours to complete. The build was challenging for me as I have never done this before, but rewarding because of the joy it is to ride. Also not needing a license to ride these motorized bicycles was a plus, as I wanted to avoid dealing with licensing. What is required in order to ride a motorized bike is that you be 16 years of age or older and always wear a helmet. So, now when I want to get around town I can jump on the bike and go for a cruise. The motor does not take away the functionality of the bicycle. I can pedal the bicycle with the motor turned off just as if it were a normal bicycle, or when I get tired of pedaling turn the motor on. This is possible because the motor has a separate drive chain from the normal bicycle chain. This feature is important to me because I can get exercise when I want and not have to switch bicycles. Riding the bike without the motor on is also important when you are in areas that don’t allow them or quiet areas. Operation of these bikes is really simple and requires you to pedal and release the clutch while giving it throttle to turn the motor on. To turn the motor off you just disengage the clutch and push the engine kill button, that’s it. They are single speeds and come with a standard 44-tooth rear sprocket, which is the best for all around riding. These bikes can be easily modified to go faster, but with the standard 44-tooth sprockets you can reach speeds of 20+ mph even with riders weighing 260 pounds, very impressive! I now can leave my car parked more because I have an alternate means of transportation and most importantly I am not spending as much in gasoline, which makes me feel like I made a wise investment. 1000 miles later the motorized bicycle is still running great and has proven to be bulletproof. Maintenance has been light and simple as it is continuing to prove to be a great investment. I also found some great support info through a company in Northern California who sells assembled motorized bicycles and ships nationwide. On their support page they have frequently asked question that are very informative. For question they also have a live chat area and other ways to contact them. They also touch on the significance of the green affect you will have on the environment riding one of these small engine bicycles instead of driving when possible. About the Author: The Author says it’s worth it to take a look at their pictures, videos and FAQ’s from their website if you are considering such a vehicle in the future. Visit: ..savegasmoney17.. to find out more. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: