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Small Business Having a clean environment makes your room look more organized. No cluttered things scattered everywhere and no spec of dirt can be found while leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Of course, there are some parts at your home that needs cleaning pronto. Its so dusty and dirty that youd rather not lift a finger and let the experts do it for you. You dont know what were talking about? Its the storage room! A storage room which is situated in one of your rooms that is not used for awhile, is one of the most disorganized places youll ever encounter in your home. Since most of the unwanted things are placed in there, chances are, all of the items stored may be filled with dust. Worse, there may be bugs, rats, or other insects living at the storage room. To get rid of the dirt and probably some smell, here are the tricks on how to make your storage room look spic and span again. First, sort all your belongings into three categories. 1) the ones you keep but never use; 2) that will stay in the storage room for a long time, and 3) that will be displayed or kept in somewhere in the house. Organize all your things that you might need and the things that you will consider placing it in a junk collection. List all the things on which items belong to a certain category. For the things that you dont need any longer, place them in a box and seal it with a masking tape. That way, insects will avoid staying there. Second, clear everything out. Since you already did the first step, all you have to do place only the things that you wont be using for awhile. Put it somewhere in a safe corner. As for the things that you still want to keep but you wont use, put it in the attic instead. An attic may be decorated with other things, but a storage room is not. Make sure that all the old pictures, family history, financial records, and other documents be placed in a safe box. Also, dont include the holiday decorations. They may be useful during the holidays, so its best to place it at the attic instead. Lastly, store all things efficiently. Make use of the space in your storage room. In the future, youll be storing another set of unused things so you make sure theres more room to put them there. Never assume that every piece of equipment that you have at home will last you a life time. It has its limits. Keep those empty boxes to save for later. Youll never know when an old TV or an old stereo will join the others at your storage place. You dont have to limit using these 3 steps only in storage rooms. You can also try it on other rooms as well such as your bedroom, or any room that is not a storage room, but still unkempt and dirty. Even if you are not fond of cleaning, but once you are done with the job, you feel like youve won a million bucks! See: How to start a cleaning business 相关的主题文章: