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Amore Edith House Factory alleged violations of poisonous toothpaste storm has not yet subsided [JMedia] amore Pacific "poisonous toothpaste" storm is not flat, Edith’s house and factory because of irregularities were asked to temporarily suspend production for amore Pacific brand image was hit, then Chinese market also implicated? Yiboweiping another, just suffer "toothpaste incident" claims amore Pacific, recently by the Korea food and Drug Safety Office (referred to as: Food and Drug Department) of the administrative sanction. The report came out, make amore Pacific brands loyal fans to sweat. In September 26th, Korean medicine says amorepacific’s 11 humidizer toothpaste was found to contain harmful ingredients, ordered the recall and stop selling the products. Although after the food and drug department stressed the recalled products will not cause harm to humans, but it did not win the Korean consumer confidence, amore Pacific still can not escape a liability, claim to be 315 million won. Then, according to MONEY TODAY reported that 30 of the food and Drug Department said, the brand "Edith house" and "ARITAUM", its corresponding products in violation of the relevant regulations of manufacturing guidelines for the management of shipping management, did not get acceptance has been finished before delivery, as of 28 next month, the production companies were ordered to COSON stop making business. In this regard, one person said, although the appearance of products are not Pacifi Corp amore direct production, but it should be the strict supervision of the brand of cosmetics production and circulation links. At the same time, amore Pacific brand Innisfree "Jeju sea lava series toner" advertising was banned and the suspension of the outgoing message, in this regard, amore Pacific said, is not the product efficacy problems, but there are some deviations of certification program. In this regard, amore Pacific China Sales Department Sales Manager Fan Peiying said that time has more than and 10 years of sales, flag, or very confident of the quality of the group’s products. The current feedback from the market situation, sales in China amore Pacific area and has not been much affected, and part of the product sales showed a steady upward trend. It is understood that Fan Peiying sells amore Pacific brand Laneige, Mamonde, amore toothpaste and shampoo etc.. It is reported, founded in 1945, amore Pacific, as the first South Korean cosmetics group, now has nearly 30 cosmetics, personal care and health care products brand. In 1992, China amore Pacific Group officially entered the market, has introduced the Laneige, Mamonde, Sulwhasoo, Edith, Innisfree house of the 5 major global brand. Public data show that amorepacific in South Korea’s market share as high as 40%. Said earlier, amore Pacific chairman Xu Qingpei accept the "cosmetic Finance Online" interview with reporters, in the past 10 years, Chinese district sales amore Pacific average annual growth of 47%. According to amore Pacific 2016 second quarter results, operating profit increased by 27.1% in the second quarter, 309 billion 700 million of相关的主题文章: