Samsung Note7 mobile phone fourth explosion from the accident less than 48 hours 步步高i606

Samsung Note7 mobile phone in the bombing of fourth distance accident less than 48 hours of the Samsung bow? Note7 fourth mobile phone on the afternoon of September 26th, the state line version of Samsung Galaxy Note7 once again took charge of the burning explosion. From 24 Suning users broke Samsung Galaxy Note7 combustion explosion in less than 48 hours, micro-blog users @ old old 16:57 article said the distribution just purchased from the Jingdong on the State Bank Note7 black version of combustion explosion in charging. This is the first in September 18th after the first line of Note7 explosion occurred fourth security incidents. Beijing Times reporter in that matter, the first time to contact with the user, the Samsung Note7 charge combustion explosion accident of the interview, @ old old told reporters back in retrospect still very shocking, the Samsung Note7 in September 25th from the Jingdong on the purchase orders received in the mobile phone, mobile phone display after boot electricity left about 50%, then he will use the original charger for charging the Note7, in charge of nearly two hours later, he picked up the mobile phone found Note7 drum, then a black smoke spray on his hands, mobile phone temperature soared, throwing to the notebook before Note7 emits white smoke burn together, a moment filled the room, at the same time, the house was filled with the pungent smell, while the mobile phone under the notebook can not escape. Samsung Note7 notebook also be burned in Jingdong for the invoice and packing of the black box in the interview with the friends told reporters Samsung in that matter soon made contact with him, Samsung said staff can hope that the occurrence of burning Note7 to retrieve related detection and compensation for the loss of his computer, but not the old friends @ the old back has not promised to the Samsung mobile phone to retrieve the request, in many such incident, he hopes to have serious quality problems of the Samsung Note7 can be detected in the third party organization objective case, Samsung should be such incidents of domestic consumers to do a positive account. The following is the Beijing time reporter and client interviews: Samsung Galaxy Note7 in early September this year, Note7 had held a press conference on Samsung said in the global recall of about 2 million 500 thousand Note7, but did not recall to the national China area. Samsung said that due to the state line is not the use of Korean SDI battery suppliers, there is no quality problem, the State Bank Note7 normal sales. However, the succession of the line version of the Note7 combustion explosion can not help but make people suspect that the state line version of Note7 as Samsung said you can rest assured that the use of no security issues? Beijing will continue to track the matter. (source: Beijing time) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: