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On sale 2 days countdown to see how vivoX9 with double perturbation effect of vivoX9 with double perturbation effect how to enter the mobile phone era, consumers for mobile phone camera have become increasingly demanding, so the mobile phone has a great improvement in the pictures, many manufacturers are using innovative technologies, in addition to enhance the camera pixels, the use of beauty, in this year many have entered the era of mobile phone dual camera. Vivo recently released a new camera phone vivo X9 is very special, it is also the main camera, but the use of dual cameras in front of the main self timer route. The distance vivo X9 24 officially on sale in 2 days, vivo X9 can now be booked in the shop, and the price will be 2798 yuan in November 24th sales in the Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Gome and other platform and the next line at the same time. Then the user can vivo the official mall, Suning vivo official flagship shop business platform and the next line of the major chain stores, vivo Dixon and music language communication chain store to buy. Today, we’ll take a look at the front of the vivo X9 double camera in the end how to look at the next single heart has a bottom. VivoX9 with double effect for the vivo mobile phone camera, has been to Yan values and pictures primarily, in recent years the yen value has greatly improved, especially the vivo X9 2.5D in addition to the use of glass and metal body, also use the ultra narrow frame design, screen accounting for up to 78.5%, in the same size in the mobile phone screen is greater, bring better visual effect, and the technology of vivo, makes the mobile phone not only high grade, also brought a very good feel. VivoX9 with double effect to the intelligent mobile phone camera, the configuration is not the focus of most of the mobile phone are configured to closely follow the trend, enough for daily use, play a large Mobile Games well, vivo X9 in the configuration equipped with Qualcomm eight processor, 4G memory on a large, performance is also very good. Also used a positive fingerprint identification, fingerprint payment support, which will be more convenient for young people to use. VivoX9 with double photo effect in order to enhance the value of mobile phone use X9 vivo Yan, Aluminum Alloy integrated design, with new dome type U antenna, increasing the antenna transmission area, bring a more stable signal, not only that, vivo X9 also supports high-speed mode in high speed running through intelligent matching band and adjust the mobile phone signal transmission, enhance the ability of mobile phone base station switching, reduce the off net rate, which often travel office workers or business people on a very practical. VivoX9 with double effect for vivo X9 camera, camera is its biggest characteristic, pre use 20 million pixels and SONY jointly developed IMX376 sensor with 8 million pixels professional virtual camera combination, to obtain comparable large aperture SLR bokeh portrait lens effect, but also to achieve the first camera focus function, now mobile phone self timer is still a major trend, vivo X9 on the self really out of character. Vi.相关的主题文章: