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Fun marketing   central air-conditioning appliances into the Olympic marketing biggest winner — home — Brazil Olympic torch dieddown beauty, the Olympic Games, Chinese delegation made 26 gold, 18 silver and 26 bronze good results. Of course, in addition to the gold medal, the same concern, there are a number of brands carefully planned marketing war. The Olympic Games this year, as the annual super IP, businesses naturally will not miss this opportunity, trying to participate in bidding, sponsorship and endorsement, can be described as "get in by every opening". However, in the information era of fragmentation, the attention of the audience is extremely scattered, reflecting the quality of content is becoming more and more scarce. Therefore, the content is king is still not the mainstream. Among them, the United States on the central air conditioning with interactive high participation marketing tasted the sweetness. It is reported that with the successful service Rio Olympic Games main stadium and central air-conditioning project started around the Olympic sports marketing brand, central air-conditioning hit the domestic retail sales compared to the same period last year (July 25th ~8 21) 50% growth in the market success, the Olympic marketing become worthy of the name appliances the biggest winner. Chinese economic games is a sports power, in the past 30 years, China sports and Chinese raging like a storm society, we not only have the likes of Xu Haifeng, Lang Ping, Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Li Na, Lin Dan, Ning Zetao such a super idol, but also stimulate the enthusiasm for sports. In this background, the sports marketing has become an occasion, many enterprises are the way. The so-called sports marketing, namely by sports events to promote their products and brand marketing activities, enterprises as the carrier to sports, from various public welfare, culture, hot point of view, the use of advertising, promotional activities, and other means, and strive to form a brand communication climax in a certain period of time and space, caused a sensation effect. Sports marketing, especially in the Olympic Games the most attention. According to the marketing community, under normal circumstances, the investment of $100 million, brand awareness can be increased by 1%, while the sponsorship of the Olympic Games, invested $100 million, brand awareness can be increased by 3%. With the Brazil Olympic Games as an example, in the two days before the race began, the national network ratings of CCTV-5 reached 8.22%, and with the exciting events, the ratings soared, particularly the Olympic women’s volleyball final, CCTV-5 ratings up to 56.6771%. With the topic, ratings, and Olympic related appliances, snacks, beverages, tourism also began to catch. Invested more than billion play the Olympic high rate of return to the Olympic Games to become the businessmen "xiangbobo". However, different from other enterprises face brush rub heat, beauty is from exposure to products and services to sponsor the full range of promotional activities. Not only the central air conditioning the Rio Olympic venues, the highest level has become a sponsor of the national diving team, swimming, synchronized swimming team three "Navy", at the same time is Chinese countries the main sponsor of the fencing team. In addition, during the Olympic Games, the United States has exclusive title CCTV variety show "meet the only Olympic Rio" do no exposed dead. As we all know, the current Brazil Olympic Games, the United States central air-conditioning相关的主题文章: