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10.23 silver review and layout next week We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Message: life is often in the running, running is not the outbreak of the moment, to depend on the way. Most of the time success is more than a minute, but we do not know when this minute will appear. So don’t stop until we’re all right. Because we give up not only a business, it is a dream! Every day to give yourself a gift, that is self encouragement, self affirmation, self transcendence! Do investment, not always bring me the winner, only eternal market changes and challenges, so we should be ready to deal with the challenges. But only a positive attitude is not enough, but also timely understand the market news and correctly grasp the market trend, when you have a positive investment mentality and the right way to invest when you are more successful than people. The recent event review: two candidates for the presidential election of 2016 Hilary and Trump support for the American oil industry policy, unfavorable international oil cooperation between the country, so prices may continue to rise, the market for the two candidates to support American oil industry is expected to keep prices down. Trump’s goal is to make the United States fully achieve energy independence and the abolition of restrictions on drilling regulations, so he is perhaps the most can let the oil city from the people, but Hilary’s plan is to building a clean energy power, it may also allow prices to obtain much-needed support. If Hilary came to power, oil prices will be higher than trump ruling, which will make the already hold oil assets benefit, but bad for consumers. According to Hilary, she hopes to increase the use of clean energy within 10 years after taking office, thereby reducing U.S. oil consumption, and limit the drilling of shale oil hydraulic fracturing method. In addition, she intends to reduce tax subsidies for the oil and gas industry, large-scale investment in clean energy. She also pointed out that climate change is a real and urgent threat, the United States must become a superpower to overcome the challenges of super clean energy. Experts believe that Hilary hopes to promote clean energy, the long term may reduce the market demand for crude oil, but the medium term, she has hinted that it will continue the environmental protection policy of the Obama era, will directly restrict the supply of crude oil and coal output, which can reduce the domestic oil supply surplus, WTI oil prices may be even higher than trump ruling. In contrast, Trump’s view of the energy market is completely different. He had proposed to develop a "America first" energy plan, increase oil and gas production, limiting the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), coal power deregulation restriction, release Keystone pipeline, and encourage the industry in the continental shelf oil drilling. Experts believe that these measures will certainly boost the supply of crude oil and coal is expected to depress prices. Silver analysis: the recent silver market is relatively weak, fluctuations did not give a lot of space. Yesterday continued to be suppressed near 17.80. theory相关的主题文章: