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How to choose the appropriate calcium supplement during pregnancy, maternal milk? – a Sohu for pregnant women milk type 1, skim milk if you do not want to add too many calories during pregnancy, skim milk is a good choice. The saturated fat in milk is removed and the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, C, which are highly needed during pregnancy. 2, whole milk milk fat content is 3.5%, if you weigh more than during pregnancy, or want to find is not fat, the whole milk is not the best choice. A cup of whole milk contains about 5 grams of saturated fat. Milk can provide calcium and vitamin D. 3, choose low-fat milk if you do not want to take too much calories, and do not want too much fat soluble vitamin intake, you can choose low-fat milk. The fat content of low-fat milk less than whole milk, and you can meet the demand for nutrients. 4, be sure to pasteurization, no matter what kind of milk you choose, must go through pasteurization process. Raw milk may contain bacteria that cause serious infections in your or your fetus. Two, during pregnancy, the benefits of drinking milk 1, vitamin D in milk contains vitamin D, can help the unborn baby’s bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D can also prevent you from having gestational diabetes during pregnancy. 2, vitamin E vitamin E is an antioxidant in milk, you can protect your body from harmful bacteria and viruses, reduce the risk of infection, illness. 3, add a lot of calcium in milk calcium content is very much, can help you and your baby healthy, healthy bones. In addition, a large number of calcium supplementation during pregnancy, but also to prevent osteoporosis. 4, vitamin A milk is also rich in vitamin A, contribute to good immunity, organizational health, but also allows you to have a good vision, reduce eye problems. Three, the benefits of drinking during pregnancy, 1 goats’milk protein more if you can bear goats’ milk bright and strong taste, it is a good choice in pregnancy. Because of the high goats’milk protein than milk, and milk fat content less than. 2, other health benefits goats’milk can also help digestion. Its vitamin A can be absorbed directly by the body. In addition, goats’milk vitamin B2 can help produce antibodies, maintain a healthy immune system. Source: http: ZTDQa1相关的主题文章: