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Experience – not the same, my seventh trip to Thailand – tourism Sohu said, autumn is the most beautiful season, Beijing in October, I went to another city but be careless with the feeling of a season. When pulling luggage waiting, my mind began to emerge in Thailand sea and fresh wind, like heavy traffic. Sometimes life is like this, to feel another place from a stay together morning and night of their stay together morning and night from an unknown place, will be full of joy and anticipation. A book from Kundla, Milan: living elsewhere. Also not without reason. Just travel is always a paragraph and not all, but it seems that because of this, it seems to be infatuated. This is the seventh time I came to Thailand, this time is different, I followed the UTour departure, it is a kind of fate, I go abroad for the first time is to follow UTour went to Japan Okinawa, Okinawa sunshine sea breath of fresh, delicious food, clean the city filled me with nostalgia for the also on the trip, UTS quality service is very satisfied, after all, go abroad for the first time, which also laid the foundation of the Master I become travel in the next three years. The thought is the second time with the group also follow the UTS abroad, is also the island, but with different customs. This is my favorite Southeast Asian country of Thailand, the seventh time I came to Thailand. The trip is Bangkok – Pattaya — Phuket Island. When the plane landed at the airport when that Kosovo, a familiar oncoming heat wave, I have a warm sense of belonging, silently say: Hi, Thailand, we meet again. Thailand in October in the rainy season, although it often rains, but not so hot, everything is just fine, today’s first stop is the The Grand Palace of The Grand Palace in Bangkok, like the Imperial Palace in Beijing. So the first stop of the trip is The Grand Palace. TIPS: tickets 500B. This is a people go to The Grand Palace classic shooting, the tour will be in this hot weather station mobile photo soldiers stood motionless, quietly said, some pictures oh Thailand first town treasure – Jade Buddha in The Grand Palace, are not allowed to take pictures. The door into the car and changing of the guard soldiers soldiers is the first time I went to the Royal Ananda Sharma empty hall, this is the king and queen Ananda Sharma empty palace, congratulations on 60 years of the reign of king and members of the royal family, received from 25 countries blessed place hall in a collection of fine cut stone. Inlaid crafts treasures and tribute. The wealth of the royal family of Thailand makes us sigh, all things are made of gold, diamonds and precious stones. From the outside look inside it is not taking pictures, only the door took a beautiful garden in front of the fountain checkrooms a positive encounter Thailand students also come to visit, so smile touched deeply. After lunch, all the way south, destination: Oriental Hawaii – pattaya. This is my second time?相关的主题文章: