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UnCategorized The American band Avenged Sevenfold first saw the light of day in Huntington Beach, California when the then 18 year old founding band members came together. The band name was the idea of vocalist M. Shadows. Although the name carries sinister suggestions, it is actually a direct reference to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. The group has clarified though, that they are not a religious band. In addition to the band’s unique name, its members also carry nicknames that clearly reflect the group’s fascination with dark underpinnings. Among the founding members are Zacky Vengeance, James "The Rev" Sullivan and Matt Wendt. Joining Shadows and Vengeance in its current roster are Synyster Gates on lead guitar and Johnny Christ on bass. At the outset, the group appropriately took on metalcore tones which seemed to fit perfectly with their image. This was evident in their first album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet which was released under Good Life Recordings in 2001 and under Hopeless Records in 2002. In the following year, the group saw more action with the release of Walking the Fallen. In the same year, the group saw greater recognition as they played in the Vans Warped Tour in both 2003 and 2004. After this Avenged Sevenfold album release, their eventual move to mainstream was marked by their move to Warner Bros. Records. It was under their current, more popularly known label that the band released its third album, City of Evil in 2005. Although considered definitive by many music critics, this release showed a marked difference in the band’s musical style. Rather than sticking to its metalcore roots, Avenged Sevenfold transitioned to rock. The transformation is apparent because of the absence of intensely screamed vocal renditions. In 2006, the group gained acclaim as MTV Video Music Awards’ Best New Artist. In this same year, they returned to the Vans Warped Tour, played in Ozzfest and launched their own world tour covering the US, UK and Australia among other locations. As if to highlight their new popular status, the band capped 2007 with the release of their self-titled fourth album, Avenged Sevenfold which debuted at the #4 spot. The end of 2009 cast a pall on the rising fame of this gritty band. Drummer James "The Rev" Sullivan was found dead due to drug-related causes. He was only 28. The timing was unfortunate since the band had come in second place on the same month to Metallica in Ultimate Guitar’s list of Top Ten Bands of the Decade. Although the band mourned the loss of its member, they eventually decided to move on in February of 2010 with new drummer Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater. With a new drummer and a new year, fans wonder what’s in store for 2010. Shadows has spoken of a fifth album due this July that will be darker and more emotional. Fans got a taste of this in May with the release of the single "Nightmare." Despite the apparent genre switch, Avenged Sevenfold seems to be on more solid ground than many other genre bands. There is no question where the band is headed. By all appearances, they have become leaders in deeply emotional, dark music. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: