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Business When you step into a salon or barber shop, you naturally expect all the styling to take place on your head. But take a close look at what your locks are being trimmed with – or what your face is being shaved with – it might just take your breath away along with your hair. The Freebird Shears company has just launched a new line of innovative hair stylist tools that are specially designed to showcase the haircutter’s personality in addition to functioning as finely-crafted state-of-the art shears and razors. These weird and wonderful implements were created after years of research and development by a 4th generation German Master Craftsman named Maurice Stoll (who interestingly enough, also apparently has a Master Mind – he’s a winner of the USA National Memory Championship four years back, and no, you won’t find that event being broadcast on ESPN). Stoll had the genius to team up with Elvis Crocker, a leading American tattoo artist, who is responsible for inspiring the distinctive patterns that are intricately cut into the handles, giving the Freebird Shear line an amazing one-of-a-kind look. The shears are hand-forged from the world’s finest steels to give them top-of-the-line quality – and stylists are also able to adjust them to their individual hand size and grips with variable screws and hand rests. They can also be custom-ordered in terms of colors, length and different handle options. You’d expect such designs as "The Star of Elvis," "Dancing Dolphins," "The Dragon" and "Skull and Crossbones" to show up on someone’s arm (or other body part), rather than on the handle of scissors being used by a barber to snip away at your head. But, you’d have to know you’re in the hands of one cool cutter if he laid out the big bucks for Freebird Shears. A top-of-the-line "Platinum" pair goes for a whopping $599 – but the product itself is a shear delight. Modern versions of the barber shop experience, however, are big business and expensive extras like the Freebird Shears enhance that experience. For example, some Barber Clubs are incredibly successful with their combination of classic barber shop features such as the straight razor shave with modern grooming aids and amenities. Be sure to check out the video showcasing all the Freebird Shear designs at . You’ll instantly see why these haircutting instruments are definitely a cut above the norm. Copyright (c) 2009 Kennedy’s All-American Club About the Author: 相关的主题文章: