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SEO When using a .bination of natural and paid search listings, you can increase the web traffic to your site more effectively. Even though there is changing evidence to show that you can reach the top rank in both natural and paid listings, while tripling you click through rates. Recently, iCrossing provided a report that suggests running both paid and natural search campaigns make a marked improvement to online performance, .pared to running them separately. This may be because when someone does an online search and .pares the paid and organic listings together, this can lend credibility to a website. When .paring both the results from natural search campaigns and paid search campaigns that use the very same keywords and occurred at the same time, the results were dramatically improved.One online marketing .pany, reports that their click through enhanced over 90%, while visitors to the sight increased by over 40%. Their orders increased by nearly 45% showing that interested viewers spent more time on the website with an increase of over 80%. While iCrossing’s research results are not as significant as some anecdotal observations, they still strongly indicate that webmasters will receive much greater benefits if they can achieve a top rank in .anic search listings at the same time as running a paid search campaign. Both paid and .anic search traffic is highly targeted, however a recent study conducted by WebSideStory Inc of fifty seven million search engine visits found that paid search engine listings had an order conversion rate of 3.40 percent over 3.13 percent for natural search listings. However, marketers and webmasters are able to change any keywords that do not function well and exchange them with higher converting terms with paid search listings. .anic listings are not controllable in the same way, since paid search listings allow control of landing pages and the initial visitor message. Therefore, paid search listings are more effectual than .anic listings. However, together, these two when used together, produce an enhancing synergy in your results. Natural listing are free of course, however the results of putting in the required efforts of optimizing your website pages for search engines are well worth your time. Do your very best to provide web content that is significant to the optimization of keywords and related words and phrases to earn the best search engine results. To do this, you must concentrate on your main theme, while providing well-written content, which includes all the necessary links, both internal and external to increase your natural search engine position. It can be time consuming to reach the top .anic listing. Almost every marketing campaign will rely on the listing of the search engines, while taking advantage of their pay per click advertising. The key to the best results is to use paid search listings while optimizing your website to achieve high search engine results placement over the longer term. When you achieve natural listings at the same time as your paid listings appear, you can expect to receive additional website traffic than you would if only the one or the other appeared at a time. This synergistic benefit expresses the real value of integrating paid and natural search listing strategies to increase targeted website traffic and sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: