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Home-and-Family Wedding ranks among the most memorable events in a person’s life. Apart from being the bride herself or the groom himself, nothing can be more exciting than being asked to be the best man to your friend’s wedding. Standing as the best man to your friend’s wedding has its perks – planning the bachelor party, walking down the aisle with the gorgeous maid of honor, and standing beside your friend as he delivers his vows. These best man’s duties are easy and can be considered pleasurable. However, if you are like most people, you might dread what .es after the wedding – the wedding reception and *gasp* the best man speech that everyone is waiting for. For wedding guests, the ceremonial toast that the best man leads is much anticipated. It gives everyone a glimpse of the kind of person the groom is and what kind of relationship he has with his bride. Be it short or long, somber or funny, the best man speech also sets the mood for the celebration. Delivering a good best man speech is an opportunity for you to convey your message to the newlyweds. It is also a chance for you to shine and be remembered by the guests for the right reason. If you think you cannot handle the pressure, think again. Preparing and delivering a great best man speech is not cause for distress. Many men who are afraid of public speaking have done it before, and so can you. You just have to practice and be prepared. This does not mean writing down the entire speech and reading it in front of the guests. There is nothing worse than a best man who reads his speech verbatim off a piece of paper. It is as bad as copying it off a book of best man speech examples. It .es across as impersonal and stiff. You do not have to memorize the speech word for word. There are times when the stress of speaking in front of the crowd can lead to mental block. Things might get awkward when your mind blank and you are unable to pick up where you left off. The best thing to do is to write down the main points of your speech in a cue card. This will serve as your guide as to the direction you want to go. In preparing a draft of your best man speech, steer clear of topics that are taboo. Jokes are fine to keep the mood light as long as they are inoffensive. It is important to be diplomatic and not offend the sensibilities of the guests, which can range from children to the elderly. The best man speech does not have to be perfect – it just has to be sincere and personalized. You were chosen to be the best man for a reason. So perform your best man duty with pride and deliver the best best man speech of your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: