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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Young or old, most of us have grown and probably are also growing with books by Enid Blyton . By growing it essentially does not mean the growth of a child from school to university and beyond only. It also means the development of the mental horizon. Enid Blytons books with its lucidity and simplicity seem to appeal to one and all. It even gives a fresh perspective of life to a matured adult and delights a childs imagination and dreams. Imageries, characterization, and the atmosphere created sums up to a .plete reading and a thought provoking experience. Enid Blyton has been acclaimed for a series of books that had recurring characters and was designed for various age groups that made them a success globally. It is estimated that over 600 million copies of her books were sold round the globe. A famous character and book that we all have read and loved is Noddy that is generally aimed at the early years readers. Her prime section is the young readers. They are mostly children who live in their own world of dreams, adventures and prefer minimal adult interference. Similar series include names such as Famous Five that is based on four children and their dog, Five Find-Outers and Dog where there are five children who outwits the local police and the much talked about The Secret Seven series that features a society of seven children that solves numerous mysteries on their own accord. Enid Blyton books were and are still popular all over the .monwealth, as adaptations in Arabic and translations in former Japan and Yugoslavia. Her books have been translated in almost 90 different languages. Other books by her that are worth reading are as follows:- The Malory Towers series The St. Clare’s series The Wishing-Chair series The Magic Faraway Tree series The Barney Mystery series The Circus series The Mistletoes Farm series The Naughtiest Girl series The Young Adventurers Series The Adventurous Four Series The Family Series The Family Adventure Series The Secret Series If you are not being able to source these books in a bookstore then buy books online. Online shopping sites in India today maintain a wholesome collection of books and novels of all literary types. At the same time, you can opt in for the .pilations and enjoy attractive discounts and deals. The delivery time is minimal and the terms of payment flexible, that makes it easy for the buyers to purchase books of their choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: