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Marketing From S&H Green Stamps to kitchen towels in boxes of laundry detergent, businesses have long understood the value of Collectible Promotions. The trend continues today with .panies like McDonalds including colorful figurines based on the latest movie release in their happy meals to help encourage sales. Collectible promotions are successful because of the propensity people have to collect stuff. Collecting usually starts at an early age with baseball card, dolls and stamp collections and continues into adulthood. Some will maintain those early collections well into adulthood, while others will transition their collections to reflect their evolving interests. Adult collections can take on a variety of forms from annual holiday ornaments to elaborate and expensive collections of antiques and artwork. Taken at its basic level, the drive to collect is likely more .mon than many would realize. In fact, some avid collectors may not even acknowledge the trait. Consider, for example, that most of us do collect photographs from trips and family gatherings, assembling our collections into albums or an electronic equivalent for display in digital picture frames. Even that Outlook folder filled with the funniest of emails from colleagues and relatives really represents a collection of sorts. There are even reward points and frequent flyer miles that are yet another form of collection much the same as those S&H Green Stamps from a past era. To effectively leverage this inclination to collect things as part of an effective marketing promotion, it can be helpful to understand what motivates people to collect. Consider: Memories From family heirlooms and photographs to post cards and souvenirs, many people collect items to reinforce memories for later reflection. Whether authentic antiques or nostalgic recreations, these collectibles serve to trigger positive memories and feelings from an earlier time. Prior Experience Some collections begin innocently with one product that yields such a level of satisfaction that people pursue other similar or related products to recapture that satisfaction again. This tendency might be found in an evolving collection of an individual artists work or the incremental collection of Tupperware. Consistency Many have a drive for consistency and/or order which can lead to a collection based on .monalities that go beyond mere style. From the .mon characteristics of ceramic baby figurines to leopard imprints on nearly everything, these collections can be driven by the latest fads resulting in a trendiness that may be relatively short-lived. Social For some, the drive to collect has significant social implications. From early childhood collections fostered by attentive parents and peer trading to adult collections supported by elaborate networking groups and professional appraisers, people are able to build relationships based on the .mon interest in a collectible. This social influence can have significant influence on creating and maintaining the collection. .petition As a derivative of the social aspect of collections, the .petitive nature of people can also drive collections as collectors pursue the largest collection, the rarest artifact or expert status relative to the collection. Self-Branding Some use collections as a form of self-branding. These are the ladies famous scarf collection, the guy with a different ball cap for each day and the coworker whose cubicle is filled with stress relievers of every shape, size and color. In many cases, this self-branding be.es a catalyst for social interaction as others inquire about their collections. Value From S&H Green Stamps to frequent flyer miles, some collections are based soley on their potential value. Similarly, some may collect items based their potential or perceived value regardless of their inclination to actually sell the collection at any point in time. This can be true of rare stamps, coins and artwork collection. Ac.plishment While a sense of ac.plishment may not be as great of a motivator to initiating a collection, it can be a significant factor for continuing a collection. This is most often the case when the collection is finite with a clear end-point. Of course, even the apparent endless supply of coins can be.e a finite with the scope of the collection is narrowed to a specific country and year minted. Understanding these motivators can help in designing an effective Collectible Promotion whether its to build sales, retain employees or encourage donations. For example: To encourage volunteerism, non-profit organization might award volunteers with a custom lapel pin each year to foster self-branding as an annual volunteer. The pins can be given out at an annual awards dinner to further foster the social aspect of the collection. To encourage long-term volunteers, lapel pin display cases can be awarded after 10 years to display their lapel pins and build on the .petitive drive behind collections. A non-profit fundraising campaign might encourage larger donations by awarding different color or style custom coins (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, etc.) to donors based on amount of money contributed. Organizations can encourage participation in annual holiday parties by giving those attending a customize holiday ornament to help them remember each years events. Restaurants build repeat traffic by creating a Collectible Promotion of custom design imprinted drinkware, custom t-shirts , aprons or novelty gifts that are given away or sold at a reasonable price with new entries in the series issued each week or month. Tip! To build traffic, a Collectible Series of a limited number of products available in limited quantities with definitive introductory dates is re.mended to support a sense of urgency in revisiting in order to collect the .plete set. Retail stores can create reward cards which can be collected and redeemed for discounts, products or services. Organizations can leverage emerging design trends to create an exclusive custom imprint or imprint collection that is applied on a wide range of products from custom water bottles and travel mugs to embroidered scarves and imprinted shirts. Schools can leverage collectibles as part of school fundraisers using relatively inexpensive customized products to encourage purchase of a .plete set while benefiting from the social aspects of the collection associated with trading and showing to heighten interest. For example, customized silicon wristbands or custom wrist bandz . There are different types of Collectibles including: Similar products with different colors, imprints or styles. These products can encourage collection of all variations of the product for a .plete set. For example, custom dog tags that feature different imprints with related themes. Coordinated products with .mon designs and imprints. These products can function together to encourage collection of the .plete set. For example, customized backpacks, lunch bags and imprinted water bottles featuring a .mon design imprint. Different products with similar designs and imprints. 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