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Arts-and-Entertainment Picturesque rural America in the 50s and 60is such a great art painting motifs that many artists took on this subject matter further bolstering Americana art on the visual arts scene. Whenever this particular Americana genre is discussed, mentioning the name Dave Barnhouse is inevitable. He is the premier proponent of nostalgic rural America art not just because of his superb painting technique and the regard of this type of motif as good subject matter in painting, but because he paints from the childhood memories he treasures growing up in Richmomd Ohio. He painted from the heart, and captured rural America armed with a natural talent for capturing detail in nostalgic setting like no one else had. The ambient, wet atmosphere in his works evident in his illumination technique makes one feel in .mune with the painting and indeed many art collectors agree, they always see themselves a part of the painting and help them relive cherished memories from the past recalling a laid-back rural America of their youths. This is why Dave Barnhouses paintings, prints and posters have be.e perennial favorites in the Americana art scene. Dave Barnhouse long worked as an electrician in a steel mill until his retirement but his mind and focus on his paintings were never swayed. He now works almost exclusively with oil paints but his well of artistic expression overflows as soon as he grabs a pencil and paper, reminiscent of his childhood days in Ohio when made a detailed drawing of their family threshing machine. His mother took notice of his raw but exceptional talent and encouraged young Dave to pursue art. His works throughout the years have been integral to and helped shape the Americana genre. His subject matters range from farmsteads and tractors, motorcycles and classic cars, Native-American and western scenes as well as nostalgic scenes in rural America. For many years, he has been an officially licensed artist for The John Deere Corporation, incorporating John Deere trademarks, tractors and other equipments to many of his artworks. This makes John Deere enthusiasts throughout America more enamored with Dave Barhhouse paintings. He is also a recipient of numerous awards and honors for his paintings having been consistently voted as one of the Most Popular Print Artists in the United States in annual surveys conducted by USAart magazine for art dealers. His prints and paintings widely reproduced in the US and throughout the world and he has been in features in countless newspaper and magazine articles. A self-titled country boy Dave Barnhouse remained humble even after achieving fame and success in his chosen career as he remained loyal to the values he learned as a youth growing up in the farmlands of Ohio. He also remained loyal to his hometown, the environment and the landscape being the very oxygen he breathes every day. This is probably why vivid memories of his childhood never escaped his consciousness, interweaving with his creative imagination and finally showing through his amazing works of art. He now paints fulltime in his native Ohio, enjoying life with his wife, Marie. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: