A rare interview with Liang Shiqiu in Taiwan aizi

Liang Shiqiu in Taiwan, a rare interview [Abstract] no matter what you study, first find the relevant bibliography, is the ancients in this regard has done much work, you must first understand, you have to absorb it. This job is not easy. Liang Shiqiu for "Liang Shiqiu Chronicle", the author went to Taiwan access to information. Pleasantly surprised to find a period of 30 minutes and 53 seconds of interview data. In April 1978, 75 year old Liang Shiqiu accepted Taiwan "Chinese" BBC "celebrity interview" section of the interview, the interview, he patiently answered several questions from reporters, including how he went on his way, his academic experience, learning fun, his ideas, and studying methods, such as fun. During the same period, an interview with celebrities as well as Wu Sanlian, He Rong, Wei Ziyun, Yin Xueman, etc.. It is worth noting that, in the same year in September, Times Publishing Company published a paper on Liang Shiqiu epitomized the — "Liang Shiqiu on literature". In the preface to Liang Shiqiu’s theory of literature, Liang Shiqiu solemnly declared: "from 1924 to the present, my views have not changed." And from this interview, we can also see Liang Shiqiu reiterated that he insisted on his literary thoughts, and to share with the audience of some learning experiences he had never talked about. This interview is an important source of information about Liang Shiqiu in Taiwan. Liang Shiqiu in Taiwan changed his style, and become the "gentle treasure of the country". In his later years, he summed up his behavior in the Taiwan period: "Confucius said:" a gentleman or a line or possession, or hidden or silent, I belong to the silent…… I used to know the importance of freedom of speech, but later I realized that freedom of speech is more important." The publication in Liang Shiqiu after the death of the "autumn" in the book, Yu Guangzhong summed up the line Liang Shiqiu Taiwan period mentioned, Liang Shiqiu in an interview with reporters, said such a sentence: "my good speech, but since the army, not to make any charge." Yu Guangzhong recalled: "since moving to Taiwan in 1949, he really did little literary criticism, but not to argue with people. So the general reader of Taiwan, especially the younger generation, but that essayist and translator Liang Shiqiu Liang Shiqiu, even the dictionary editor Liang Shiqiu, but I do not know who critics Liang Shiqiu." The radical cultural madman Li Ao said of Liang Shiqiu: "that is the most enlightened generation old gentleman in writing from" human rights and the constitution "era of Hu Shi to write" tolerance and freedom "in the era of Hu Shi on" human rights "; from the Liang Shiqiu era to the" Far East "Dictionary of Liang Shiqiu era, we how much change can be seen in their traces, Frost in his song" prevention "(Precaution), said he did not dare to make a radical when young, because of the fear of old age he became a conservative, I am not saying that Hu Shi and Liang Shiqiu had become a conservative, I said," today they sound "compared to that kind of emotional and full of vigor and vitality of the spirit, is not commensurate with the!" And obviously, Liang Shiqiu has always been to "silent" image to walk in literary circles in Taiwan. Liang Shiqiu in the interview, the expression of his literary thoughts and his academic experience, in his".相关的主题文章: