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Email-Marketing Out of them, Go Daddy is one. If you havent heard about Go Daddy, then you really need to get out of your slumber, because we are talking about the most popular domain registrar firm in the world. They have 45 million domain names till date. Having your domain names hosted from the same service enables you to establish your new website. In this article we will see few features offered by Go Daddy and find out how you can benefit from their Godaddy coupons . Given below are some of the features of having an account on the domain registrars firm. 10 gigabytes of space First off, 10 GB of space might not sound a lot as you can get unlimited space from other web hosting firms. However, 10 GB space is a lot when you know how to use it efficiently. Several website owners have abused the space offered on Go Daddy servers and hence the reduction in space offered. 100 email accounts The next must feature is 100 email accounts. Normally a business requires 10 20 email addresses. Not more. However, 100 email accounts should satisfy any small to medium business. Those of you owning blogs or small businesses 100 accounts are more than enough. You really do not require more than that. 300 gigabytes of monthly transfer You get 300 GB of transfers per month. When you have visitors on your website, they can download 300 GB each month. The need to worry about the size is not there as normally visitors do not download 300 GB of data from your website every month. Very active websites reach that point. The rates .ing to the most vital part of our discussion, the rates you are going to have to pay for using their web hosting plans. There are several web hosting plans offered by Go Daddy. There is a $5 per month quarterly plan. The annual plan will see you less by $4.74 per month. Those of you planning to use a two year plan will have to pay $4.49 per month. You also got a 3 year plan, which will require you to pay $4.24 per month. You will want to make note of one thing here. The Godaddy hosting promo code is very useful for those of you who are starting out as the features and rates really help you out during these stages. Once you have gained website traffic and want to upgrade your web hosting plans, then you can go ahead and choose the deluxe plan which .es with powerful web hosting features. However, for now you will want to stick on to Go Daddy and benefit from their cheap web hosting packages. Dont f.et to search for Godaddy coupons & Godaddy hosting promo code before you take a start. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: