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SEO Search engine optimization is a technique to promote the website on web and to spread the information about the site. With the help of this method sellers can sell their products online, convey their thoughts or information and can get very good business from this. In earlier days this technique was not so popular, means this method was limited to few countries. But gradually the prevalence of this method increased and everywhere in world everyone started to promote their website by this way. Google has started his algorithm and disseminated the information about the promotion of websites. All the successful and experienced internet marketers started to follow the algo of google. Many articles, blogs and stories etc have published on net about the work of promotion. Optimizers started to use various techniques to optimize the site and to promote the site following the instructions, rules and regulations announced by google. From the past few years many search engine optimizers and all the website promoters were used to collect more and more backlinks for their site promoting their links to various sites. These methods were be.ing a part of one race, which was to bring the site on top result pages of major search engines. The funda was to collect more and more backlinks whether they are quality backlinks or not, just to show google that how many websites are pointing to their sites. Many promoters started to take the help of software with the aim of promotion of website, which does bulk of submissions like web directory submissions, article submissions, .ment posting etc. Their goals were to mobilize anyhow the backlinks, the motto was for quantity not for quality or quantity more than quality. By this way it was easy for all the sites and for website owners to get their sites easily on top result pages. The problem originated by these things was, that all the internet users were failing to get the right information from search engines. Because all the irrelevant sites were also .ing on top and the user was not getting what he was searching for. For this reason google updated his rules and brought a change to his algorithm. Now it has been updated that the importance will be given only to the quality more than quantity. Now content has be.e the king. Google announced in its recent updates that the importance will be given to the content. Only this way every user can get the proper, relevant and right information for what the user is looking. Many SEO .panies are now using organic search engine optimization techniques to promote the websites. They are providing various effective search engine optimization services for the healthy promotion of sites. The services of these .panies involve search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click, search engine marketing etc. which are quite helpful for the websites as well as for the users who are searching for getting the good info on search engines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: