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Travel-and-Leisure Many people have perfectly normal skin that can suddenly flare up when certain conditions present themselves. It can stop them from using a whole series of cosmetics from hydrating creams and soaps to fragrances, and even stop them wearing certain clothes or keeping pets. Fortunately, the cosmetics industry recognised that people with sensitive skin had a very limited choice when it came to their products, and virtually every product range includes a sensitive skin derivative. Sensitivity is quite an individual issue both in its causes and the way in which different people classify it. What one person may find irritating, could be perfectly bearable to someone else. There is a whole variety of problems and reactions that can all .e under the umbrella term, including eczema, redness, itchiness or simply dryness. Sensitive skin care is targeted at all of these problems, although in normally it usually refers simply to that fact that certain ingredients (for example alcohol) have been left out or replaced by others. Besides looking for specific sensitive skin products, there are some general guidelines which, if followed, can assist with keeping sensitive skin under control when using cosmetics. A key point to consider is that skin produces a substance that acts as a protective layer to prevent all kinds of threats from affecting us. It is called sebum, and it is made in our sebaceous glands near the surface of the skin. Sweating is also important, so anything that blocks the pores can affect the usefulness or effectiveness of these natural substances, possibly making an already sensitive condition worse. For one person their sensitive skin could be the result of lower levels of skin sebum production, and if it is leading to dis.fort it may be advisable to visit a doctor. But preventing blockage wherever possible can be a good step to take, so make sure you remove makeup before bed and cut back on it .pletely if possible. As has been noted earlier, there are certain substances that are key culprits and are left out in sensitive skin products. Quite often these are liquids and gels that hold the actual pigment together. After all, most make-up is just a powder held in suspension, and the liquid itself often evaporates once applied, rather like drying paint. So if the liquid can be left out altogether, so much the better. That’s why applying cosmetics that .e in powder form are best. And if the cosmetics are mineral-based rather than talc-based, then clogging of the skin’s pores is even less likely. In general, cosmetics with fewer ingredients are less likely to be a problem for those with sensitive skin. Unfortunately one concern for those with sensitive skin is the unattractive appearance that results from a flare up, and the natural reaction is to reach for the concealers, foundations and other cosmetics to cover them up. Unfortunately this could be throwing petrol on the flames, especially if the concealing products are even less well formulated that the ones that caused the issue in the first place. While it is certainly hard to leave these things alone and run their course, allowing your skin to breathe and choosing the mildest possible cosmetics might be the best option for calm, good looking skin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: