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Personal-Tech Prepare to replace the process of reading forever! With the release of the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX electronic book readers, Amazon.. is doing just that. Amazon.. released the first model Kindle in November, 2007 and it was instantly loved by the book-reading public. The second model Amazon Kindle was released in February, 2009 and the eagerly anticipated Amazon Kindle DX in June, 2009. So, what’s the difference concerning the two models? The Amazon Kindle is the tinier model with a six inch display screen. The Kindle light weight at an impressive 10.2 ounces, has 2GB internal storage space letting it hold 1,500 books, and is just about the size of a paperback and the thickness of a magazine. The Amazon Kindle DX is the Kindle’s larger sibling with a 9.7 inch display screen, 4GB internal storage space letting it hold 3,500 books, with the dimensions of a magazine, and an internal PDF reader that the Kindle does not have. What is similar in both Kindles is the underlying notion that Amazon.. hoped for when crafting them. To have the reader lose them self in the novel and disregard what they heald in their hands while reading it. Amazon.. has succeeded well in ac.plishing this. Likely the most noteworthy area is the display itself. Both Kindles are made with an E Ink electronic paper display with high resolution and 16-level gray scale to produce the appearance of printed paper. The display lacks glare or backlight to give strain to the reader’s eyes. This along with the ergonomic design, easy to use buttons, and low weight .bine to make the reading experience more enjoyable. A further great feature shared by the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX is the free Whispernet wireless technology that is a from the Sprint 3G high-speed network that is used for downloading. Therefore the Kindle does not requires a .puter or internet connection to get into the Kindle Store. Because of the rapidity of the 3G network, books also download in less than 60 seconds. This technology also grants automatic downloads of magazines, newspapers, and blogs on the move do to the extended nationwide coverage of the Sprint 3G network. The best thing about this is that this is entirely free when you buy the Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle DX. New extras that Amazon.. has installed in both the Kindle and Kindle DX include a read-to-me function which allows you to have your Kindle read out loud your favorite book, magazine, newspaper, or blog to you; capability to bookmark and place annotations using the .plete QWERTY keyboard, a preinstalled dictionary, preinstalled free access to Wikipedia.Org, access to Audible.. to download audio books, a basic web browser for searching the web, a library back-up of all owned books at Amazon.., and a mp3 player inside letting you to hear your music while reading. Is the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX appropriate for everyone? No, with a just lowered cost of $299 for the Kindle and a robust $489 for the Kindle DX, the Kindle family is really only for the dedicated reader that is exhausted of making multiple journeys to the library or having a library of their own at their house. With top-sellers and new releases only $9.99 per download, for these people the Kindle is well worth the money. For the sporadic reader however, the cost may not be justifiable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: