AOL plans to lay off 500 people focus on the reorganization of mobile, data and video

AOL intends to lay off 500 people after the reorganization of the focus on mobile, data and video on AOL CEO Tim · Armstrong (Tim Armstrong) Recode Chinese station reported on November 18th AOL today announced the layoff of the latest news, the scale layoffs of about 500 people, accounting for 5% of the total number of employees. AOL CEO Tim · Armstrong (Tim Armstrong) said yesterday in an interview with the media, most of the laid-off workers will come from the administrative department, after the company resources will be further to mobile, video and data transfer. Armstrong said: the layoffs associated with a strategy in 2017, which has a great relationship with the region, we will pick up, especially in the field of video and mobile growth." Armstrong reiterated the plan in a memo to employees. He wrote: "based on our strategy and the changes we see in the industry, we will adjust the business of the company. The company will be based on the profitability of the business of human resources and business plans to adjust accordingly." With Microsoft reached a cooperative advertising transactions, and later acquired Millennial Media, AOL this year added about 1500 employees. He writes: "the best way for us to achieve growth is to respond to change rather than passively respond to change." AOL was acquired last year by Verizon, a telecoms giant, and it has undergone several restructuring. Now, AOL is divided into two parts of the media and platform. Most of its content assets such as the Huffington post and TechCrunch belong to the media sector, advertising technology is a platform group. Armstrong said that the company executives and YAHOO executives are on the merger of the two companies to negotiate matters, but this is nothing to do with the layoffs. YAHOO will announce its plans later. Verizon announced earlier this year that it would buy YAHOO for $4 billion 600 million. However, due to the disclosure of YAHOO 500 million user account information, to increase the acquisition of a large number of uncertainties. YAHOO is still investigating the user data leakage caused by hacking attacks, it is said that the company is now dealing with this problem is more serious than before. YAHOO said last week that the hacking time is actually earlier than previously reported. In view of this situation, Verizon may ask for a change in the transaction price. Verizon and YAHOO continues to negotiate, AOL and YAHOO will continue to focus on the two companies merger talks, decided at the same time the new leadership was established which let YAHOO management people into the merged company. For example, AOL sales director Jim · (Jim Norton); Norton recently left, his replacement is likely to be YAHOO’s chief revenue officer Lisa · Azee Hei Del (Lisa Utzschneider). Armstrong issued a memorandum to all staff as follows: A]相关的主题文章: