Are You The Little Engine Who Helps Your Aging

Elder-Care Are you in the sandwich generation? What experiences are you going through? Heres my story: I recently had my performance evaluation with my supervisor. She has high expectations of me since Ive worked in the senior care industry for over 10 years. There were several projects that I needed to complete before the year ended, but I hit a brick wall. Of course I did my part, but I relied on others to complete the task. My supervisor commented that Im a self-motivated person and always excited about my work as a dietitian. She also noted that she wants me to keep growing and not wait for everybody else to get the job done. My supervisor suggested that I think outside the box in order to get tasks completed. I could have asked her, Are you crazy? Instead, I sat there and thought, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. It helped that I had recently read The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper to my sons. If you havent read this book, its about a little engine that has to get out of her comfort zone to travel up over a huge mountain and haul a bunch of toys to all the boys and girls. Theres quite a bit of overwhelming responsibility for that little engine. I feel like that little engine. In a nutshell, Im overwhelmed. Im the little engine in this big world. I live in the sandwich generation, which means I have the responsibility to care for two generations: my children and my aging parents. My own project has been to collect all types of quality and trusted senior resources into one website. Im helping my parents transition into retirement, which is a very stressful process. Its like an onion Im slowly peeling off the skin and it gets really smelly as it goes on and on. Im learning how to tackle my aging parents issues. Ive decided to utilize my own skills and experiences to help others with similar struggles make this difficult time a bit easier. I know I can. Can you? About the Author: A Registered Dietitian and Senior Resource Diva, April Fan, RD, CD, Founder of, is on a mission to educate baffled adult children who are currently caring for their own children as well as their aging parents. Her goal is to help these juggling caregivers discover how to take the confusion out of this daunting role. Tap into Aprils personal and clinical experiences, proven resources, handy tips and sane ideas at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Elder-Care 相关的主题文章: