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Careers-Employment Wide Scope for Work Job of the investment banker provides scope for working with the successful people across the globe. At the same time the investment banker can facilitate many mega-transactions. It could help a .pany launch new products, or could ensure that a government stays away from bankruptcy. Investment Banking Job Related Issues Entry into the field of investment banking is one of the most difficult tasks to be ac.plished. Despite having the best of the academic qualifications, one may not get the best of the investment banks jobs. Essentially it means that an aspirant may not benefit much by selecting the college or university by scanning through the university directory alone. Need for them is to find out the real quality college or university that will build up their personality besides giving high level training. Interviews for Investment Banker Jobs Usually the admission to the job interview can be obtained after having A grade MBA degree or designer’s qualifications from a high quality college. People having more of the quantitative courses in the student career are most likely to be favored. Yet having the academic degree won’t suffice. One needs to be equipped with very high levels of imaginative aptitude that would suit most of the employer fine. It does not matter whether the candidate has an online degree or a degree from a brick and concrete college; at the end of it quality is what matters most. Initial Hardship in the Job One cannot expect his or her salary skyrocketing just because they have obtained the job of investment banker. In fact the initial days could be real hard and toilsome. Working 70/80 or even 100 hours a week is a .mon feature for the investment banker. Basically the job would be creating best models for deals that go public, or help specialized securities, or even some types of merger or acquisition. Proficiency and salary go hand in hand. Despite all odds; when someone acquires the specific skill and expertise in the job, it is most likely that investment banker salary will go up in such cases and reach handsome scales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: