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Boyle subway car is like picking up the soil of Nanchang Metro: reward – Sohu news "middle-aged woman in the subway car picking up dirt" photos of the central broadcasting network Nanchang on February 19th news (reporter Xie Yuansen) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, recently, a middle-aged woman in the subway car picking up dirt "photos popular the network, the photographer said photos during the Chinese New Year in Nanchang metro line to take a picture in the scene, a middle-aged aunt with a paper towel to bend over picking up in the subway carriage soil, many users have praised the" good to see Chinese boyle". In February 13th, a sixth day of the lunar new year, micro-blog users in Nanchang Metro Line 1, found a heart warming scene: she saw a old woman squatting on the ground, with a paper towel will fall on the earth counterparts uncle shoes, carefully folded up clean dirt and holding garbage until off. Then, she took pictures with aunt picking up soil to the internet. Many netizens saw that they were very moved, have praise for the behavior of the aunt. Some netizens said that this small move warmed the entire carriage, praised the aunt as "China’s good aunt."!" Subsequently, the media follow-up reports on the matter, launched a search for "China’s good aunt" call. In February 16th, Nanchang rail transport group also released a search for this "Chinese good aunt" announcement, said it will give certain awards. In the first two days, the "good Chinese aunt" was finally found. Her name is Huang Linying, a retired worker at Jiangxi Agricultural university. Huang Linying said, is the beginning of the six month of the day, she and her husband first take the subway to the lake to play. May be because the subway station road surface muddy, two men’s shoes are stained with mud. Not long after getting on the bus, Huang Linying took the initiative to fold her shoes with her wife’s shoes on the floor of the car. Unexpectedly, this little act was taken by the passengers on the opposite side. She said, this is a very small, very small thing, is also what she should do, did not expect such a fire. Reporters learned from the Nanchang rail transport group, they believe that Huang Linying’s behavior highlights the subway carriage civilization, passing the positive energy of society, it is worth learning from the public. Yesterday morning, Nanchang rail transit group staff arrived at the aunt’s home visit, and sent a carefully prepared souvenirs.

大妈地铁车厢捡泥土被点赞 南昌地铁:予以奖励-搜狐新闻 “中年女子地铁车厢内拾捡泥土”的照片  央广网南昌2月19日消息(记者谢元森)据中国之声《央广新闻》报道,近日,一张“中年女子地铁车厢内拾捡泥土”的照片走红网络,拍摄者称照片是过年期间在南昌地铁一号线内拍到的一幕,照片中一名中年大妈在用纸巾弯腰拾捡地铁车厢内的泥土,很多网友看到后纷纷称赞“中国好大妈”。  2月13日,大年初六,一名微博网友在南昌地铁1号线发现了暖心一幕:她看见一位大妈蹲在地上,用纸巾将同行大爷鞋上掉落的泥土,细心收拢起来擦干净,并手捧泥土垃圾直到下车。随后,她拍下了大妈拾捡泥土的照片并发到网上。  很多网友看到后表示很感动,纷纷点赞为大妈的行为。有网友说,这一小小的举动温暖了整个车厢,称赞大妈为“中国好大妈!”  随后,有媒体跟进报道了此事,发起了寻找“中国好大妈”的号召。2月16日,南昌轨道交通集团也发布了寻找这名“中国好大妈”的启事,称会给予一定的奖励。  就在前两天,这位“中国好大妈”终于被找到了。她叫黄林英,是江西农业大学的一名退休职工。  黄林英说,正月初六那天,她和老伴第一次坐地铁去瑶湖游玩。可能是因为地铁站外路面泥泞,两人的鞋子上都沾有一些泥土。上车后没多久,黄林英就主动用纸巾将她和老伴鞋子上掉落在车厢地面的泥土收拢起来。没想到这一个小举动被对面的乘客拍了下来。她表示,这是一件很小很小的事,也是她应该做的事情,没想到会这么火。  记者从南昌轨道交通集团了解到,他们认为黄林英的行为彰显了地铁车厢文明,传递了社会正能量,值得公众学习。昨天上午,南昌轨道交通集团工作人员赶到了大妈家里探望,并送上了精心准备的纪念品。相关的主题文章: