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Beijing research "with the people of the new resident population dynamic monitoring network construction platform in Beijing introduced to promote the reform of the household registration system to implement the views of the city of households canceled the agricultural accounts with the people of domicile from policy Washington (reporter Li Zewei)" views on the "Beijing Municipal People’s Government on further reform of the household registration system before the day the introduction of the research, with the people of the household accounts policy distinction will also cancel agriculture and non-agricultural accounts, unified registered as resident accounts, continue to reduce the population density in the city center, in 2020 the city’s resident population will be controlled within 23 million, the implementation of integral settled system, a reasonable guide to long-term resident population stability in Beijing employment and living in expectation and choice. "Opinions" put forward, firmly grasp the strategic positioning of the capital city, in accordance with the strict control on the large city population size requirements, reform the overall reform of the household registration system and related economic and social fields, and promote the coordinated development of population and economy, resources and environment. The basic principle of the new policy is: adhere to the total control, pay more attention to structural optimization. In accordance with the order, ease of non capital function optimization to enhance the core functions of the capital requirements, adherence to the total population of red line, focus on optimizing the adjustment of economic structure and spatial structure, and actively promote the "people with functions go, with the industry to go, continue to reduce the population density in the city center. Adhere to the standard and orderly, pay more attention to reasonable guidance. Improve the existing settled policy, to further improve the overall mechanism of various types of settled channels, the implementation of the integral settled system, a reasonable guide long-term stable employment and living in Beijing, the resident population settled in the expectations and choices. Adhere to the co-ordination, pay more attention to the protection of rights and interests. We will promote the reform of the household registration system and the equalization of basic public services, and constantly improve the supporting policies for public services, and establish a public service provision mechanism that is compatible with the level of economic and social development of the city. It is worth noting that the opinions set up a special chapter to improve the account migration policy, including the establishment of account migration policy co-ordination mechanism, the implementation of the integral settled policy, improve talent settled policy. The city will establish account migration policy co-ordination mechanism, in accordance with the total control, structural adjustment, moderate and strict principle, promote the establishment of coordinating mechanisms of various channels and settled policy, improve the classification standards and settled policy, strictly regulate the examination and approval of management accounts, "with the people of the household registration policy. Previously, people go accounts not go "such phenomena have occurred, often reported, the formation of" shadow accounts "," Research on households with the people "to move out of the account policy, will solve this problem, population migration and migration, clear shadow account. "Opinions" in the innovation of population service management, establish a unified household registration system, the abolition of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural Hukou distinction, unified registration of resident accounts, the household registration system reflects the population registration and management functions. The establishment of a unified urban and rural household registration system to adapt to education, health planning, employment, social security, housing, land and population statistics system. In addition, to improve the rural property right system in the protection of the rights, the "opinions" put forward to accelerate rural land ownership, registration, certification, in accordance with the law to protect farmers’ Tuwei相关的主题文章: