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Blackberry mobile phone business closed intelligent   hardware R & D Outsourcing – Sichuan channel — original title: Blackberry mobile phone business closed intelligent hardware R & D outsourcing the original title: BlackBerry BlackBerry mobile phone business closed intelligent company in September 28th announced that it will close the intelligent mobile phone business, focus on software and services set. BlackBerry confirms that it will stop developing and producing smartphones, and outsource hardware research and development to partners. BlackBerry plans to complete the full transition of this part of business by the end of this year. BlackBerry has signed an agreement with the newly established joint venture BB Merah Putih, authorizing the company to use BlackBerry software and services to produce and distribute BlackBerry branded handsets. BlackBerry also said that the company will continue to cooperate with other manufacturers. BlackBerry also announced the second quarter of this year earnings, data show that BlackBerry revenue fell 32% to $334 million in the second quarter, loss of $372 million, but the company’s software and services business performed well, nearly doubled compared to the same period last year. BlackBerry CEO said BlackBerry has reached a strategic turning point, outsourcing hardware research and development to partners will reduce BlackBerry capital requirements and strengthen the return on investment. In the first quarter of 2011, BlackBerry smartphone market share of BlackBerry OS system is about 13.6%, the same period Apple’s market share of about 18.3%. But after that, BlackBerry smartphone market share has been shrinking. In the two quarter, blackberry sold only 400 thousand units in the quarter. Analysts say closing smartphone business is good for BlackBerry’s performance. On the same day, BlackBerry’s Nasdaq stock price rose 5.71% to $8.33. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia) 黑莓关闭智能手机业务 硬件研发将外包–四川频道–人民网 原标题:黑莓关闭智能手机业务 硬件研发将外包   原标题:黑莓关闭智能手机业务   黑莓公司9月28日宣布将关闭智能手机业务,集中关注软件和服务。黑莓证实将停止研发和生产智能手机,将硬件研发外包给合作伙伴。黑莓计划在今年年底前完成该部分业务的全面交接。   黑莓已经与新成立的合资公司BB Merah Putih签订协议,授权该公司使用黑莓的软件和服务来生产及配送黑莓品牌的手机。黑莓并表示,公司会继续同其他制造商展开合作关系。   黑莓当天还公布了今年第二季度财报,数据显示,黑莓今年第二季度营收下滑32%至3.34亿美元,亏损达3.72亿美元,但公司软件和服务业务表现良好,较去年同期增长近一倍。黑莓首席执行官表示,黑莓已经达到了一个战略转折点,将硬件研发外包给合作伙伴,将使黑莓减少资本要求,加强对投资的回报。   在2011年第一季度,配置黑莓OS系统的黑莓智能手机的市场占有率约为13.6%,同期苹果的市场占有率约18.3%。但之后,黑莓智能手机的市场份额不断萎缩。二季度财报显示,该季度黑莓手机销量仅有40万台。   分析人士认为,关闭智能手机业务有利于黑莓的业绩。当日,黑莓在纳斯达克挂牌的股票价格上涨了5.71%至8.33美元。 (责编:李强强、高红霞)相关的主题文章: