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UnCategorized Blog marketing does not have to be hard but it can be time consuming, so be sure and allow for that as you plan your moves up the blogging success ladder. Getting links to your blog is imperative in order to attract the search engines. They like a site that is popular and linked to relevant sites. The higher the rank of the linked site, the more important you will appear to the search engines. Don’t forget that term, "relevant". This is key to showing that your blog has value and is recognized by others in the same field. There are many ways to get those relevant links. One popular way is article marketing. Most article directories will allow you to link to your blog in your author’s bio. Make sure your article is on the same subject as your blog or your readers and the search engines will not be happy and will not be back. Another way to market your blog that is more popular is adding videos. Submitting your blog to the video directories should bring you some added links and traffic. You can also have your blog listed in directories. If possible, try to include some of the paid sites as they will usually be ranked higher. Include at least a small amount in your marketing budget to get some paid listings. Visiting other blogs that are in the same market as yours and leaving .ments will bring your blog to the attention of other bloggers which can give you some more relevant links. Be sure and make thoughtful, meaningful .ments that will help show your expertise relating to the subject matter. Press releases can be a good way to announce your blog to a large audience and your blog will probably get a lot of initial traffic. Make sure you have good content that will bring this traffic back again and again to your site. The cost for a press release can vary but including it in your marketing budget could yield some high returns. Forum postings can also attract some attention to your blog as most forums will allow you to put a link to your site in your signature line. Don’t take advantage of this and make empty .ments. Good .ments can trigger a large stream of traffic to see what your site is all about. Don’t waste this opportunity to make your blog present you in the best light and make some customers out of visitors. Get started on your marketing as soon as you have your blog up. This will bring some immediate traffic and encourage you to be more aggressive in your marketing efforts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: