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Canon out of the black technology micro single, five axis anti shake, support rapid focus – Sohu technology Canon officially released its flagship flagship M5 without the highest specification EOS. M5 is not an upgraded version of the original product line, but a new positioning of the product, EOS M5 is higher than the previous product positioning. The appearance of EOS, M5 and previous M series cameras are different, the first 2 million 360 thousand pixels using EVF viewfinder, 1 million 620 thousand pixel touch screen can be flipped, the body is relatively large, looks more professional. The new camera not only joined the EVF viewfinder, also uses Canon’s proud full pixel dual core CMOS AF Ho, has higher ability to focus phase difference. 24 million 200 thousand pixel APS-C format CMOS sensor, unfortunately not full frame. DIGIC 7 image processor, ISO sensitivity range: 100-25600, shutter speed range 14000 seconds to 30 seconds, continuous shooting speed up to 9 seconds, support 1080P 60fps video recording, and support the 5 axis body electronic anti shake function. EOS M5 uses a LP-E17 battery, full of electricity can shoot about 295. EOS M5 price has not been announced, but according to the price announced in Japan, the body price of about 7987 yuan. Equipped with 18-150mm lens kit price is about 10270 yuan, equipped with 15-45mm lens kit price is about 8314 yuan, is expected in late November. ————END————– want to make your iPhone can also have the same camera effect? Take this a few parts, large heart beat WeChat search and the number of public concern: fruit net reply: accessories will rise posture, but also can buy buy buy.相关的主题文章: