Carried Away-kairui

Movies-TV Its my day off and I dont even know how to spend it. My house needs to be thoroughly cleaned before I decide on what to do next. There is excess dust all over the furniture and the sinks are full of stains. The whole place is messy I cant even remember the last time I did a thorough cleaning. It is one of these days that one wakes up feeling lazy. One will think I spent the night taking wine and am left nursing the hangovers this morning, I feel like not leaving my bed. As I lie in bed trying to figure out what to do when I wake up, I am rudely interrupted by the door bell. Who could this be? I ask myself. Who on earth could think of waking me up this early? Its still 6:30 am Grrrrrrring!!! The door bell goes again. I have to go and open it; I get out of bed get my sandals the head to the sink to clean my face. Ouch my head hurts and is very heavy. I feel dizzy. grrrrrrrrrring goes the bell again. Longer than before this time. I rush to go find out who that could be. Im a bit upset but I try to control my anger. Belinda! I yell, How did you get here? Hey! .e on in girl. Its long before I saw you. I usher her in as I wonder at how much she had gained weight. The last time we were in college she was so skinny I think size twelve. Her face has not changed much though. I have a lot of questions to ask her but how do I start. Ouch! my head. She turns back and helps me have a seat. I remember I did not eat anything last night. Cindy what is the problem are you okay? She asks. I manage to node back. God must have sent her, how could I manage this alone? I slept on an empty stomach, I whisper back. She rushes to the kitchen and makes some coffee. She serves me with some biscuits too. After we are done with cleaning the house Belinda heads to my laptop. She has not changed at all. Her love for movies is still the same. After she broke up with her former boyfriend all she did was watch movies. Is there an internet connection? she asks as she turns on the laptop. Yeah I reply as I node. Cindy .e lets watch this series on Nonton Movie online, its one of the best movie sites. She calls out. I know I am not a movie person but I decide to join her anyway. I never knew that watching movies was this interesting. The alarm clock goes off and I am shocked its five in the morning and I have not slept. Will I manage at work? How could we be carried away! I need to prepare and be at work before am late. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: