Chaalis Chauraasi

Movies-TV Hriday Shetty has launched his all new movie, Chaalis Chauraasi with an exclusive blend of crime and humour. This film is still in the pre production stage. MAASK Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has joined hands with Filament Glo (India) Pvt. Ltd to produce the movie. Lalit Pandit is in charge of its music direction. Brilliant actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, K.K Menon, Ravi Kissen, Shweta Bhardwaj and Rajesh Sharma are there in the Chaalis Chauraasi movie and performing the lead roles in it. Naseeruddin Shah already did a great job in his last remarkable movies like The Dirty Picture, Ishqiya etc. Likewise K.K Menon is also a reliable actor for making the film successful. So with no doubt, the acting pat of the film will be flawless. The cinema is meant to amuse you although director skilfully manifested the truth and reflection of the society into the story. Therefore, the film is different than the purely entertaining ones. But besides being moralistic, it is enjoyable too at the same time for the extra layer of perfect comedy. The movie will be out of the production house on January 13, 2012. The story line is very simple and jotted down by Yash-Vinay. A story of four cops is shown in the cinema. They are SIR aka Naseeruddin Shah, PINTO aka KK Menon, BOBBY aka Atul Kulkarni and SHAKTI aka Ravi Kishan respectively. All of them desire for a better position in their department and want to do something unique to achieve such long cherished wish. Fortunately, they get a chance to accomplish a mission. According to the mission, they are supposed to arrest a well known and perilous gangster. But the path of life is not according to our plan ever. Sadly another unfamiliar cop starts the same mission and stops their police van MH-02-A- 4084. Nevertheless, he takes those four cops as his assistant to catch the gang. This is when the twists and turns start taking place. The movie is scripted in a manner that will involve the audiences with the scenes at a great extent for sure. Law and the ways of crime are the main element in the movie that gradually reveals the bitter face of our society. A series of unimaginable occurrences eventually force the four cops to realize their weakest side and make them to reckon with fresh ideologies of life. The scenes have an acute witty appeal that will be lovable to the audience. It is expected that the Chaalis Chauraasi reviews will not be disappointing as well as there is hope for a positive response from both of the critics and the public. In the same way, the director and the other cast and crew of the film desire for an above average Chaalis Chauraasi rating. It is now yet to see whether the movie will do blunder or will do wonder on the Box office. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: