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Libra is ushered in at that exact point in time when daylight and darkness are equal. The Sun is directly above the equator creating a balance between light and dark. It is no wonder that Libra is depicted as the scales and known as the sign of balance. Libra is gracious, charming and enjoyable to be around. Communication is important, and diplomatic words are chosen as the mode of expression. Libra takes pride in being fair and just and is often placed between two apposing opinions. Their skills are put to task as mediators and peacekeepers. We all have the opportunity to embrace Libra qualities, not just those born during this time. Take advantage of these days that are especially beautiful, reflected by the majesty of falling leaves. Beautify yourself both inside and out, as you move more into balance and out of the extremes. Energies: Balance energy expressing itself as fair and just; Communication energy expressing itself as diplomacy. Balance Energy Balance is when you are centered. You’re out of the extremes. For example; when you are cowering with fear, you are not in your center. Likewise, if you swing to the other extreme, becoming a reckless daredevil, you are off center. But after several learning experiences, you learn to face your fears without becoming reckless, at which time you become centered and courageous. Communication Energy While both Gemini and Libra receive communication energy, Gemini’s task is to communicate for the purpose of bringing about understanding. That is why Gemini is always looking for similarities between two seemingly opposite viewpoints. Libra does the opposite by seeking agreement on a common goal while respecting each individual’s different methods. Libra reaches a resolution through diversity. Virtues: Gracious, charming, communications, diplomatic, mediator, peacekeeper, fair and just. Gracious and Charming You are a pleasure to be around and people seek out your company. Diplomatic Communicator Communication is important, and diplomatic words are searched for as the mode of expression. Peacekeeper and Mediator You are an individual that can see both sides, which often necessitates you being the mediator or peacekeeper in a group setting. Fair and Just You pride yourself on being fair and just. You find yourself caught in the middle between individuals or groups of diverging viewpoints. Vices: delayed reaction, indecisive. Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become. Delayed Reaction You are always seeking balance. You may find yourself being a delayed reactor and not speaking up immediately. It takes time to weigh those scales, and that is reflected by not being spontaneous or in the moment. Indecisive You learn through communication and need to look at both sides. You can be mistaken as being wishy-washy or indecisive. You must test out the effect of each viewpoint weighing cause and effect. Since you can usually find both the positive and negative of every viewpoint, you can frustrate others waiting for you to take a stand. And then what happens? When other viewpoints are presented, the whole process begins again. That’s why peace takes time to be reached by inching its way to balance. Fast extreme solutions may sound good, but rarely are carried out after they are reached. Love Compatibility: Cancer and Capricorn are the two signs that you are most compatible with when it comes to communication. Both you and Cancer find yourself being the peacekeeper and the mediator. The family setting is more to Cancer’s liking. Capricorn will gravitate toward leaders and the business arena, where they find they must speak up to bring about peace. As a Libra, you will be pulled toward being a peacekeeper in any and all ventures. Many times you’ll need to bounce your ideas off those that will help you see yourself more clearly. Seek out those Cancer and Capricorn Sun signs, they’ll listen to you. Your opposite Sun Sign is Aries, which would always pull you out of your extremes and into balance. And for intimacy, Aries will be able to hold your energy. What About The Southern Hemisphere? What about those born in the Southern Hemisphere during this same period? Certainly it was a question that I asked myself. While traveling, working, sometimes living in the Southern Hemisphere, and interpreting several hundred charts, I answered that question to my satisfaction. If someone is a Libra Sun sign in the Northern Hemisphere, they will exhibit traits of the opposite sign if born in the Southern Hemisphere. I remember one client that I’ll call "Wonder Boy". He was always pioneering, being totally spontaneous in the moment. He exhibited the traits of someone born in Aires announced by the Vernal or Spring Equinox. Once he moved to the Northern Hemisphere, within a few months, he began expressing himself more in a true Libra style, the exact opposite of Aries. About the Author: Loy is an accomplished astrology researcher and practitioner; relationship specialist and published author. Try her FREE Zodiac signs and forecasts newsletter. Use the monthly energies to enhance your relationships and daily life. Visit Loy at Article Published On: – News-and-Society 相关的主题文章: