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Child bad temper, obsessive-compulsive disorder? Don’t do them wrong! Author | – Sohu mother Gigi two years ago, I was a stomach not born, special love crowd a friend baby sun in addition to micro-blog, because her son particularly handsome, like a little child, but also because of my bursting point this baby some traits deep stamp: for example, the car must be put into such the ball must be done: so close friends can be proud of it, her words made me smile: "baby be born virgo!" The child was born in September, was less than two years old, I really thought that this is the magic power of the constellation! Until I also became a mother, began to study the scientific parenting knowledge, only to find that Virgo is lying in the gun, ah, this is obviously every child will experience – order sensitive period. What is order sensitive order? We adults have a set of logic, such as the things on which work in accordance with these rules, what, organized, not chaos "order" concept, influence on us is too big, we can relate to how to get along with people, and society more harmonious. The same is true of children, in the beginning of the birth of spontaneous demand order. A sensitive child in the construction of the internal order at the same time, will also have foreign in order to pursue, such as space, place, time, location, habits, sense of security, the pursuit of these sometimes seem to get the adults "dumbfounding". I’ll take the small leaves his two-year-old daughter, for example, the two months, obviously felt she had some changes: the first is about two months ago, his dad and I as usual, let the baby lying in bed, I pull both side of the corner and play "Yo Yo" game with her. After a few of my arms is very sour, the sofa to sit instinctively, want to have a rest while you, the baby is not dry, "Mom, stand up! Stand up!" She kept repeating, insisting that I had to stand up…… Her position, order, ownership began sensitive: small box cookies must be placed in a position, you take her back; small Liu Waner, she always wanted to go the same route, a good command of you; for her dish, obviously a kind of long clip of broccoli. Wrong, non head points to another, "this! Want this!" …… Tough little trouble. Fortunately, I know she’s going through a special period of growth. Three stage order sensitive period Chinese famous educators and child psychologist Sun Ruixue, mentioned in his book "capture" in the sensitive period of children, from birth until the age of 6 months, the sensitive period of order, will present "three phase spiral": 1, in order to disrupt the order and crying order, once the recovery will be quiet; 2, in order to maintain order and say "no", self consciousness began to sprout; 3, in order to maintain order and stubborn, all have to start. Each child will usher in different stages at different times, there is a period of time, for example, about 2 years old, said "no" are the most frequent, about 3 years old "stubborn", began a trifle not shun the hearts of children may usher in a large outbreak, until 5, -相关的主题文章: