Children do not do well, depending on the character of the mother! Sohu –

Children do not do well, depending on the character of the mother! – young children of the mother and child of the Sohu, the mother has an instinct to rely on, in the physical, psychological and more close to her mother, and thus the mother’s character, words and deeds, and others imitate more. In the child’s cognition is not complete, the character has not been stable in this period of time, the mother’s influence is particularly important – the mother’s personality, emotional intelligence on a child’s influence, far more than a variety of training and counseling. What kind of mother is considered a good character? 1, can control their emotions. 2, teach children a little humor. 3, respect for children’s small sense of honor. 4, simple instructions, instead of whining endlessly. 5, let the children have the courage and strength to face difficulties. Three workers were building a wall. Someone came up and asked, "what are you doing?" The first person to say: "did not see, wall." The second man smiled and said, "we’re building a tall building." Third people were humming and singing, his smile was brilliant and happy: "we are building a new city." 10 years later, the first personal site in another, second people became an engineer sitting in the office in the drawing paper, third people, is the former owner of two people. Perception: the mundane work you are doing is actually the beginning of a great career, and whether you realize it means you can make a big difference. There was a little boy, one day his mother took him to the grocery store to buy things, the boss saw the lovely child, open a jar of candy, the little boy to take a candy. But the boy didn’t do anything. Several times after the invitation, the boss personally caught a lot of candy into his pocket. Back home, the mother curiously asked the little boy, why not have to catch the candy and the boss to catch it? The little boy replied: "because my hand is small, and the boss’s hand is relatively large, so he took a lot more than I get." Sentiment: This is a clever child, he knows his own limited, but more importantly, he also knows that others than their own strong. It is not only one’s own strength, but also a kind of wisdom to learn to depend on others in time. Children, when I am old, I hope their children don’t abandon me. Now I need to take care of you, just as you were when I was young, I take care of you, please be patient with me. When I am old, I often forget what to say, so I will say it again, please give me some time, let me think about it, and then I do not finish, then continue to say. In fact, what I talk about is not important. Please be patient with me. My child, when I am old, I have no chance to talk with you, when I close my eyes forever, don’t you cry for me. Life has died, or weightier than Mount Tai, or lighter than a goose feather of filial sons and daughters will not cry, sad in my spirit, because I was all you should do what I do, no regrets. I walked away a piece of filial piety you. I will rest in heaven and pray for my children. The old man’s life is so busy.相关的主题文章: