China Meteorological Administration this year the global average temperature or a record high g227

Director of Chinese Meteorological Bureau: this year, the global average temperature or will hit a record high in November 8th, "green book of climate change: climate change report (2016)" conference and the implementation of the Paris agreement forum held in beijing. Zheng Guoguang, director of the China Meteorological Administration pointed out that this year the global average temperature will exceed last year, becoming the highest since 1880, the highest since the modern meteorological observation. Experts believe that the November 4th entry into force of the Paris agreement is an important milestone in the process of International Climate Governance, established a new paradigm for international climate governance. Under the initiative of China, G20 issued the first president of the issue of climate change statement, to promote the early entry into force of the Paris agreement laid a solid foundation. Experts also said that to continue to promote international cooperation in Climate Governance, the implementation of the Paris agreement is still facing many serious challenges. "Green book of climate change: climate change report (2016)" by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – China Meteorological Bureau of the economics of climate change simulation laboratory compiled, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing house. The report is the eighth part of this series, most of its authors are from China’s climate change research, business, service, decision-making, and even participate in the international negotiations on the frontline experts. The green paper pointed out that in 2015 the global free modern observation since the hottest year, the average temperature of 0.76 DEG C higher than the annual average temperature of 1961-1990. The average concentration of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere in 2015 was 400ppm, the highest since the observation of its own instruments. The green book editor, director of China Meteorological Bureau Zheng Guoguang said, according to the existing data this year, this year will be more than the average global temperature since 1880 last year, becoming the highest since modern meteorological year. Zheng Guoguang said, as temperatures rise, the global extreme weather events becoming firmer and more, the frequency of occurrence of meteorological disasters, causing the death of population and economic losses increased year by year, has seriously affected the sustainable development of social economy and people’s life and property safety. Human activity is the main cause of global warming, the international community should take active action to deal with climate change.相关的主题文章: