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UnCategorized It wasn’t too long ago that even the youngest child of the house had his well defined duties like making the bed, cleaning the shoes, putting out the rubbish to name but a few. But today the chores for kids scenario has changed dramatically. The thing that stands out the most is that when laying out the chores for kids, they’re initial response is to ask what they’ll be getting in return, what is their reward. Most children today consider jobs around the house to be "family duties" and have the misconception that these "family duties" are to be done by the adults in the family. And if for some reason they are asked to contribute, then there should be something in it for them in return, and that is generally of a monitory nature. The concept that chores like setting the table, stacking the dishwasher or putting out the rubbish should be done by all and every member of the family is completely beyond them. The idea that it takes a contribution from all family members to make a house run smoothly is lost. And this has been a rod that we have created for our own back by the simple task of offering pocket money for helping out around the house. To alleviate this idea, you can start allocating simple chores for kids at an early age. By helping them through small tasks and showing them how you would like the job done, you are setting the stage for what is to come as they grow. One of the best ways to teach young children is to lead by example. The old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do" is just not good enough any more. By showing them that you are keeping things in their proper places and doing all the simple house hold tasks, then they too will start copying your actions. Though they may not be able to do the task properly while they are young, you will be establishing a pattern of behaviour which will stay with them as they grow. You can start with easier things for your toddler, like putting their toys away after playing with them, or helping you put groceries away or putting their dirty clothes in the laundry. As the child gets older, their responsibilities expand to fit their age and abilities. Maintaining a proper list of chores for your children is a great way to keep consistency in the jobs. If each child has a chore chart assigning equally difficult or easier tasks to each of them, they can all see that they have a job to do. To avoid the kids kicking up a fuss about doing their allocated chores you need to explain them the consequences of not doing the job, but most important is to make sure you stick to your words and carry through with the consequence. This commitment to your words will help to avoid the making of excuses when they don’t want to do a task because they know exactly what the consequences will be and that you will carry them through. Try to add fun elements in their work as well like making their work in the form of races and give rewards accordingly to whomsoever comes first. Rewards and fun elements should be added only occasionally though, otherwise your back to the exact situation you are trying to avoid where your child will only carry out their jobs if you agree to a reward. The most common chore given to a children today is cleaning up their room. It is also the hardest job to get done consistently because as a general rule, it needs to be done every day. To motivate them, you can occasionally hide a surprise or some small gift in their room and tell them that if they tidy their room properly, they will find their reward. Make sure the surprise is hidden at the bottom of the messiest part of the room though, and again, don’t do this all the time. Keep it as a treat. It also good to rotate the chores for kids each week as this gives them the opportunity to have a break from the chores they really dislike. This will help to keep them motivated and help to prevent boredom from setting in. In the whole process of setting chores for kids, make sure you don’t turn them into domestic slaves. Motivate them regularly and show appreciation for a job well done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: