Chung Geun-hee appeared at the Macao International Film Festival Stanley Kwan joined the jury

Chung Geun-hee appeared at the Macao International Film Festival jury Stanley Kwan joined Tencent entertainment news (text Shao Gordon) the first Macao International Film Festival Awards (IFFAM) press conference held on 14, as this film star ambassador, South Korean actor Chung Geun-hee was invited to attend the conference. In an interview, Chung Geun-hee revealed that he hopes to work with Jiang Wen, and said he is currently studying film production courses, while serving as short film director. Chung Geun-hee and Jiang Wen want to cooperate to eat crabs Chinese Chung Geun-hee revealed that at present are Han amending the reading of the film course, and also directed the short film "the great legacy", but whether directed feature films, he said: "if there is a good script, as an actor, of course I want to play, but to write their own script have a lot of confidence, so look forward to." Chung Geun-hee said that he very much appreciated the director Jiang Wen: "it is hoping to cooperate with director Jiang Wen, because he is a good actor and director, hope can learn to talk to him, and I also want to know more about the Chinese film system and behind the operation. Whether to participate in the mainland variety show? Chung Geun-hee responded: if there is a good experience or opportunity, of course, welcome to participate in any program." This is the second time Chung Geun-hee came to Macao, he told reporters that the trip arranged Chinese taste famous crabs link, "good friends have booked forty crabs for me, I believe I can eat eight crab." Talk about personal problems, the thirty year old Chung Geun-hee said: "the problem for the individual find a relationship is very difficult, need the opportunity, but if the man appeared to fall in love. For the other half of the requirements, he said: I like a little girl, the personal orientation is a beautiful neck line." Mark · Muller resigned due to disagreements will not affect the film festival held a press conference on the announcement in addition to rich film programs, more heavy announced the first Macao International Film Festival jury lineup, by Xie Jia (Shekhar Kapur) Keppel jury in Greek president, Rachel Te San Carrie, director of Xina (Athina Rachel Tsangari), the thirty-eighth annual Golden Horse best director: Stanley Kwan, 2013 Busan Film Festival jury Zheng Yusheng, the famous Japanese actor Watanabe Makiko formed a powerful jury, director Stanley Kwan said at the meeting, the conference that he wanted to play 30 years ago directed film "rouge", because the film is more than half of the shooting period is set in Macao, this came to Macao for he remembered the heroine Anita Mui. And because the film director and former chairman of the Venice Film Festival, Marco · Muller on the day before the conference announced his resignation, also makes a major focus in this conference. In this regard, the Tourism Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government and the director of the preparatory committee chairman Wen Qihua to mark the festival · expressed regret the resignation of Muller, and said the resignation of mark indeed caused some impact on preparations for the festival, she said, mark · Muller’s resignation and the festival organization opposing party, the Macao International Film Festival only is held the first session, there are many immature place, but she does not think the mark to resign.相关的主题文章: