Creating Your Own Website — Avoid The .mon Mistakes When Choosing A Domain

Domain-Names Your domain name is the centre of creating your own website. So before you rush out and choose the name that will represent you on the web, you might want to consider these 5 tips. (A) Keep It Short: The main consideration when choosing a domain name is how long or short it should be. Is a short or long domain name best, my advice is that the name needs to bare as much resemblance to your website as possible. Although you can register a domain name of up to about 65 characters, you need to remember that people need to be able to easily find you. Why make it hard for them? Sometimes a long domain name is better than a short one. For example loseweightwithoutstarvingyourself.. will be easier to remember than lwwsy… Although choosing the shortest, and most easily recognizable, name is always best especially if it matches your brand name. (B) What To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name. Try and chose a name that is going to be easy to remember. Would you remember something like yRUnke..? Avoid using hyphenated names like "how-to-take-photos-like-a-pro". It can often be difficult when advising somebody, over the telephone of your website name, if they ask "is that a dash or a forward slash"? However if the non-hyphenated name is no longer available you can still get near the name you want. Avoid having the same letters next to each other is in ‘acumentSSpecialoffer..’ people will often spell the name with one S instead of the two. (C).. Or Not .. That Is The Question. Sometimes you work very hard and .e up with a real snazzy, memorable name just to find the domain name you put your heart on has just been snatched up. What should you do? There are a number of variations that you could consider, when building a web page. If your business is going to cater for an international clientele and a .. is a must then you may need to tweak your business name to give you a .. presence. If you do settle for a non .. name then make sure you always advertise the full name, so that your customers will always click on your site rather than your .petitors. (D) Register Your Domain Name NOW. Domain names are being picked up quicker than candy on Halloween night. If you search and find a name that you really want then sign up for it straight away as it may not be available once you have gone to all the effort of building a web page. Actually it may not be a bad idea to register a few domain names as several domains can direct potential customers to the same website. (E) Don’t Shell Out Large Amounts Of Money For A Domain Name. Although it is possible to spend thousands of dollars on a very popular domain name, you will find that if you search the internet you will find that you may get the name you want for a few dollars. By shopping around you may find a big price difference. Conclusion: Before starting home based business, don’t make the .mon mistake of trying to retrofit your domain name to your website or business. Always search the internet and .pare prices when trying to obtain the domain name you want, you will see a difference in prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: