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Cui Jian thirty years to shake the capital   and Tan Weiwei duet "love" – Shaanxi channel ichthyomorphic — original title: thirty years of Cui Jian shake the capital a duet with Tan Weiwei "love" is the top ichthyomorphic white baseball cap, red star, still there was a shock industry body turned north. From 1986 to 2016, Chinese rock over the past thirty years, this memorable, era of the night. Is this man, standing in the mountains Chinese rock text, serious and stubborn, tearing, violent roar from the "dead" does not turn back to sing "nothing". Cui Jian’s lyrics, from the expression of personal emotions back to the background of the times, leaving the tears of this era thirty years later, choking for thirty years, pain and happiness for the past thirty years. Pain, people have been numb do not know or even thought never, all night is happy. But. Cui Jian’s ideas and the spirit of the rock, in this land is still no one beyond. After thirty years of Cui and "nothing at all" 1986 "we stood up, we’re still 2016". In any case, this is an era of collective memory in people’s expectations, after thirty years, Cui Jian opened the door, field. In September 30th, the "rolling thirty" concert, the students held back tears and sound stirred up the scene of 60 thousand. Cui Jian said that this concert, in a sense, is an opportunity for everyone to forgive me, let me sing some songs I have not sung, I should sing and I want to sing. Simple, fun to play once, this is the generation of deep desire and resonance. Cui Jian does not like to talk about feelings, he said the feelings of the past, as a representative of the past did not progress. People love to talk about feelings, because not only the youth to stay there, the best time to stay there. The audience is happy, every song is over, people are shouting excitedly! This is not a "Encore", will only say "Cui Jian, another one" generation. Until to the end, all the "nothing", only to see someone really tears. Like Cui, thirty years, the stubborn people do not have much stop moving. He is still in the rock, still burning in the blood of the ideal, but during this period, and how many people have long been chasing the age. Listen to Cui Jian, listen to the "nothing" may no longer have the original "thunder" and a heart throb is surging, and a baptism. Seven guests gathered, old gun salute 1986 Laocui slogan written on all 2016 dead — don’t look back, Cui Jian is really from the opening of the "dead" back to the last turn not to sing the "nothing", this is his simple and pure, even slightly astringent idealism. Or that a note of vent out the clamor of the thought, a heart trouble! The concert, in addition to "a piece of red cloth", "rock on the new Long March", "just let me in the snow country", and Yang Le re interpretation of the "disco girl" ", a duet with Tan Weiwei’s classic Impressionist" Ichthyornis love "and other classical music. In recent years, the introduction of new songs, especially last year’s latest album, "frozen" in the works also accounted for half. The biggest bright spot in this field,相关的主题文章: