Dapeng Tucao Fan Bingbing what’s bad acting play! (video)-demonophobia

Dapeng Tucao Fan Bingbing: "what’s bad acting play!" [Abstract] the ROC was bold Tucao "Fan Ye" acting Fan Bingbing sucks, shouted "what play!" Dapeng Dapeng Tucao Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing Tucao not acting Dapeng shelling Fan Bingbing Alyssa Chia: I regret to marry actor Shiou Tencent suning.com entertainment news "dinner" lies temptation trailer exposure, less than two minutes of video actually contains a huge amount of information, Patty Hou confided marriage however is to give an account of the family, Hu He Sha Yi broke the news can not meet their own, but the most surprising is that the ROC was bold Tucao "Fan Ye" acting Fan Bingbing sucks, shouted "what play!" Dapeng shelling Fan Bingbing bad acting friends: your big stalls in less than two minutes "lies", "dinner" on almost every star has a "high risk speech" was recorded, the largest explosion point is the "one billion director" was in the "dinner" Dapeng shelling Fan Bingbing bad acting. Fan Ye and Dapeng recently collaborated on director Feng Xiaogang’s movie, two people have a lot of scenes in the film, the cooperation has just ended, the ROC is so eager to Tucao? In "dinner", Ma Dongxian is asked Dapeng think Fan Bingbing there is the whole volume, Dapeng what also didn’t say, just suddenly put his mouth spit out wine, thought this is the toughest problem, Ma Dong did not expect to continue digging, Dapeng homeopathic asked think Fan Bingbing acting is good? I saw a face of anger, Dapeng suddenly shouted: "is not good! What to play!" Although it is a "dinner" special game lies, but the upright so Dapeng sharp answer really shocked people eat melon, and never too big to watch the video users Elliot in "Fan Ye Dapeng stalls event!" Fan Ye soon appeared to tidy up him!" Hu He Sha Yi and his wife fell out Tucao tired family except Mirs, other stars in the "dinner" is a large-scale open, even Hu He Sha Yi the couples also nearly falling out, Hu He in front of Sha Yi and Sha Yi "to Tucao can not meet their own", as a hot mom had said that he particularly hate kids. Sha Yi; also face a "life without love," cried myself tired of family life now. See the stars together into the pit, eat melon masses looked happy, called "not enough" and "no time to explain, get in the car!" This week the dinner "temptation" will usher in the Mirs and Joe fir two "northeast men of God, they should rely on the Northeast words to conquer the goddess Patty Hou wolf; in the game, the ROC is acting bursting to deceive the audience. Remember on every Sunday night at 8 in the on-line video Tencent "temptation" dinner!相关的主题文章: