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Travel-and-Leisure Friedrich Wilderness Park: San Antonio Vacations with a cause If you see Friedrich Wilderness Park for the first time you will wonder how a place like it can survive in a highly urbanized setting like what you see all around when you go on San Antonio Vacations. The park has an area of 240 acres and it is the only wildlife preserve in the whole of San Antonio; residents are trying very hard to protect and conserve what little is left of their resources for future generations. Nature lovers or outdoorsmen will take kindly to the pedestrian only setting of the park that aims to maintain the quiet and peace in the preserve; camping or bringing of pets is strictly prohibited. The park features many attractions including a big population of birds, white tail deer, cotton tail rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons among many other flora and fauna that continues to flourish up to this day. The next time youre in San Antonio visit the Friedrich Wilderness Park and support their cause to make the city more environmentally sound. Mancation Package and San Antonio Vacations Mancation refers to trips taken by men with their buddies to do something together like sports and binge drinking; San Antonio Vacations offer some of the best spot for guys getaways. Hotel Valencia San Antonio Riverwalk is offering a Mancation package for $199 a night which includes a deluxe room, 2 complimentary welcome cigars with chips and two coupons for drinks for every night of stay, and a 20% discount in Citrus Restaurant. The Lodge at Turkey Cove also has a Mancation set for guys who love to golf, fish, go on trail hikes, boating, barbecues, and gambling games ala Las Vegas; you also get to have your batteries recharged after all that fun at two Overlook Suites for only $290 for each person. But always take care that you do it all in the spirit of clean fun and no fooling around. Try San Antonio for the best Mancation sites. Romantic Escapes on you San Antonio Vacations You have been searching for the perfect time to surprise your partner with a San Antonio Vacations that both of you will truly enjoy. At $219 a night for two nights, you can have $100 dinner at Kirbys Steakhouse or at Cocos Chocolate Lounge as well as $100 worth of treatment at the hotel spa with champagne and chocolates to be enjoyed on your first night at the Courtyard by Marriott San Antonio North /Stone Oak at Legacy. The Escape!Romance Package of the Marriott River Center lets you enjoy a champagne toast in your room with 2 Rio San Antonio tickets and buffet breakfast the next day which will cost about $219 per night. You can have a wine bucket as a souvenir when you get the Double Bubble Romance Package of Watermark Hotel and Spa that costs about $284 a night which already includes a breakfast meal to be enjoyed at the restaurant or in the room. This vacation will be memorable because you can purchase these affordable packages that are offered now over the Internet. San Antonio Vacations: Take a ride with Rio San Antonio Cruises The San Antonio River plays a vital role in the transport and tourism industry of Texas and when you go for San Antonio Vacations you will need to take a cruise aboard one of Rio San Antonio Cruises vessels to take you to the River Walk. Rio San Antonio Cruises operates a fleet of tour boats that ply the waters of the River Walk where business establishments like hotels and shops are all lined up; its a convenient and hassle free form of transport not to mention its relaxing effect to passengers. Many tourists get on their San Antonio River Tours that lasts between thirty five to forty minutes and covers two and a half miles of the San Antonio River Walk; tour guides enchant you with a lively narration of important events in the rivers history and give you information about hotels and shops. They also act as river taxis for people who dont like group tours. Visit San Antonio and let Rio San Antonio Cruises take you across the mighty river. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: