Drunk driving drivers were taken away by police because of no parking spaces and threatened retaliat-vy canis majoris

Drunk driving driver because no parking beatings, security was taken away by the police, threatened revenge – Sohu news surveillance record to hit the process, the day before yesterday 9:27, the driver (right) after the foot kick to security Chen bo. Information Times reporter Kang Jian video information times news (reporter Chen Zidie Liu Jun) yesterday, Luqiao District in Haizhuqu District based Street Chan rebellion as a security guard said, the night before 9 pm, a car into the parking area for the night, because no parking, the car driver to beat him, but fortunately the neighborhood stopped beating it wasn’t badly hurt. There are neighbors suspected of drinking men, the current man was taken away by the police station, whether suspected of drunk driving to be further investigated traffic police department. No parking unexpectedly hit yesterday morning, reporters at the Haizhuqu District based Luqiao Street District duty room to see security beaten Mr Chan and his partner leaves aunt, the reporter saw aunt leaves a swollen right forehead. According to Chen Bo introduced, he is 60 years old, the day before yesterday at around 9, he and ye aunt as usual in the district duty room on duty, "to a Ford car, said to enter the community parking overnight."." Chen said, because the East Street community has no extra parking spaces to foreign vehicles parked overnight, can only stop or go, "my partner said to him, no parking spaces can not enter, who knows his attitude is very bad, shouting, why not stop?"." Then the two sides of the altercation, "then the person using a mobile phone at my partner forehead." Chen Bo said, and then hit himself a few punches, the few punches make him feel the heart some stuffy. See the situation is not good, Chen Bo alarm, after the police came, take the man away. Some residents told reporters that the hit man was taken away when swearing, said to call someone to teach them to Mr Chan, "should be drunk." The neighborhood said. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation yesterday afternoon, reporters learned from the Haizhu police, after the incident, someone has been taken away investigation. Whether the man is suspected of drunk driving remains to be investigated by the traffic police department. It is reported, such as confirmation of someone’s men have drunk driving behavior, so the traffic police department will be based on relevant laws lawfully sentenced to deduction, fines, temporarily driving license and other penalties, if drunk driving behavior, you will be in a criminal case processing. And drunk driving behavior and fight civil disputes will be dealt with according to law, but the occurrence of drunken fights or aggravate their drunk driving behavior punishment. (material person Ke Ke award 80 yuan)

酒驾司机因没车位殴打保安 被警察带走扬言报复-搜狐新闻 现场监控记录到打人过程,前日晚9点27分,司机(右一)下车后用脚踹向保安陈伯。信息时报记者 康健 视频截图   信息时报讯(记者 陈子垤 刘军) 昨日,在海珠区建基路桥东街小区当保安的陈伯报料称,前晚9时许,有一辆小车要进小区停车过夜,因没车位,小车司机动手将他打了,所幸街坊拦住打人者才伤得不重。有街坊怀疑男子喝了酒,目前打人男子被派出所带走,是否涉嫌酒驾有待交警部门进一步调查。   没车位竟动手打人   昨日上午,记者在海珠区建基路桥东街小区值班室见到被打的保安陈伯和他搭档叶姨,记者看到叶姨右边额头肿了一块。   据陈伯介绍,他今年60岁了,前日晚上9点左右,他和叶姨跟往常一样在小区值班室值班,“来了一辆福特小车,说要进小区停车过夜。”陈伯说,由于桥东街小区没有多余的车位给外来车辆停车过夜,只能即停即走,“我搭档就跟他说,没有车位不能进了,谁知他态度很差,大喊干嘛不能停。”   双方随即发生了口角,“后来那人用手机砸向我搭档额头。”陈伯说,随后又打了自己几拳,那几拳让他觉得心口有些发闷。见情况不妙陈伯报警,警察来了之后将该男子带走。有街坊告诉记者,打人男子被带走时还骂骂咧咧的,称要继续叫人来教训陈伯他们,“应该是喝多了。”该街坊说。   目前警方已介入调查   昨日下午,记者从海珠警方获悉,事发后,涉事男子已经被带走调查。而该男子是否涉嫌酒驾,则有待交警部门进一步调查。   据悉,如确认涉事男子有酒驾行为,那么交警部门将依据相关法律依法对其处以扣分、罚款、暂扣驾驶证等处罚,如果达到醉驾行为,那么将以刑事犯罪立案处理。而酒驾行为与打架的民事纠纷将各自依法处理,不过酒后发生打架等行为或加重其酒驾的行为处罚力度。   (报料人 柯小姐 奖80元)相关的主题文章: