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Womens-Issues Today more than one out of six couple face problems in getting pregnant. The lifestyle of the people has changed, which is one of the reasons for infertility. Both the partners share the process of pregnancy, hence it is very important for them to take care of what they eat. Here is the list of Top Effective Ways to Treat Infertility Naturally. 10. Reduce the exposure to chemicals that are toxic: One of the natural ways to treat infertility is to not get exposed to toxic chemicals. They can be very harmful for your health. You must avoid pesticides, deodorants or floor polishers, any form of cleaners which has chemicals, avoid using petroleum products for cleaning, and etc. These are the natural things that you must avoid. 9. Avoid drinking tap water: The tap water has many chemicals and especially the pharmaceuticals chemicals; hence you must avoid drinking the tap water to treat yourself from infertility. It is one of the natural ways to treat infertility. 8. Eat Healthy food: One of the ways to treat infertility is by eating healthy food. The lifestyle is changing drastically; hence one must be very careful in what they eat. Eat food rich in vitamins, whole grains, veggies and etc. 7. Avoid eating dangerous fats: The dangerous fats .es in fried items, biscuits, dough and etc, and these food items increases the risk of infertility up to 70 percent. Hence, avoid these foods, to treat infertility in a natural way. 6. Avoid the intake of estrogens which are derived from animals: These estrogens can be very harmful for a woman who is trying to get pregnant and cause infertility. The milk, which is obtained from cow, is rich in calcium but also has many other things like different hormones, which might prove to be bad for you. 5. Detox, to treat infertility: By detox, we do not mean go on a liquid diet, but this detoxication means- Detoxing your sperms and eggs. It takes minimum 120 days for the eggs to get matured and the sperms to develop. During this period, the embryo is developed. It is always advisable to plan properly and take at least 4 months before conceiving. It is one of the ways to treat infertility naturally. 4. Avoid Alcohol and caffeine: Alcohol is harmful for both the man and woman and hence it must be avoided. Coffee or caffeine in such a case is much more harmful as it increases the risk of infertility. And women who drank lot of coffee during or before pregnancy have suffered miscarriage. Hence avoiding alcohol and caffeine is one of the ways to treat infertility naturally. 3. Eat Food, which is rich in protein: Eating protein rich food is one of the best ways to treat infertility naturally. There is a lot of food available that is high in protein. Eat it, to be healthy. 2. Have an STD Check: There are many STD that a person is not aware of. Take a STD check as it can be a reason of infertility and then there are several natural ways to treat infertility. 1. Take proper supplements for pregnancy: It is very important to take care of what you are eating. The most natural way to avoid infertility naturally is by in taking foods that are rich in calcium, B6, B12, Omega-3 fats, zinc and Selenium. About the Author: There are many ways to treat infertility . One should be very careful when they plan to conceive and should take care of what they eat and their lifestyle as it is the most important thing and helps in the pregnancy later on. What you eat, drink, everything matters. Hence, it is very important to take care of all such things. Article Published On: By: Anthony Dee – Pregnancy can be a joyous occasion for parents. Women especially will be in a beautiful state of euphoria as they connect with their child over the course of 9 months. In the joy that .es through, there are also real life body is … By: Anthony Dee – Human beings have a lot of different elements to the anatomy. Amidst the things that one has to deal with .es secretion. 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