EHI hundred thousand shops to protect the user’s National Day Travel zhongguorentiyishu

EHI: during the hundred thousand shops to protect the user the National Day National Day holiday travel, domestic tourism market ushered in the peak travel, the number of new high. With the rise of self driving tour, car rental industry has ushered in the development of leaps and bounds. In the face of the volume of orders and the increasingly diverse needs of users, car rental companies have ushered in a new challenge. The reporter learned from a car, during the national day, in addition to the company’s ongoing promotions, hard years to build and protect the fundamental peak travel. At present, EHI has established direct service outlets in the country more than 2 thousand and 500 more than and 200 City, is the direct coverage of the largest car rental companies. A team has more than 200 models, nearly 50 thousand various types of vehicles, more than 40 thousand multinational and local enterprises, institutions, enterprises and public institutions, to provide one-stop car service. In addition to the size of the increase, a car also established a stable partnership with a number of car manufacturers. In recent years a large-scale purchase of tens of thousands of hi new car, including a variety of new cars, open a new round of " " hardware upgrade. It is clear that the size of the car rental business to enhance the continuous improvement of models, not only can enhance their market competitiveness, but also to bring more convenience for car rental users. In addition, a car with a central data service center can use powerful, real-time " " data; and vehicle networking technology to provide detailed and comprehensive market analysis report, the vehicle’s resources effective and rational control, optimize service vehicles and parking area can also put the number, for the city traffic construction, provide large data the basic and professional statistical reference, is conducive to further optimize and improve the city’s comprehensive transportation system. Experts said that the development trend of the domestic car rental industry has now basically out of the release period, the influence of the brand began to accumulate rapidly. The next five to ten years, it is the public to abandon the inherent mode of thinking, change the travel habits, and let the car travel concept forming an important period of inertia. Shanghai citizens Miss Bai said, during the national day by EHI booked a holiday with the family car, went to Lijiang, and many other users like Miss White also had a similar plan of self driving tour. " the car is not only environmentally friendly, and very convenient, economy is increasingly popular urban population, a car has one hundred thousand shop scale, is worthy of the name of large enterprises, service, or brand ". A car from the very beginning and always adhere to the " data driven, rational prosperity " the scientific concept of development, not the pursuit of great leap forward development, but with detailed market research and data analysis as the basis, follow the objective law of the development of the industry, steadily enhance the fleet scale, a solid foundation for the stability of the company, the healthy development of lay, provides reliable quality service for customers.相关的主题文章: