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Travel-and-Leisure If you are looking to travel to an area that is untouched by modern life, the Cook Islands is the ideal destination. The Cook Islands are a group of fifteen islands spread out across the Pacific Ocean, with only around 14,000 people inhabiting their shores. Each island is a unique jewel that offers a culture and friendliness that you cannot find anywhere else. If you want to connect truly with the native people of Polynesia then this is the destination for you! Your first stop on a tour of the Cook Islands might be the island of Aitutaki. This island offers an untouched paradise surrounded by a sparkling turquoise lagoon. Enjoy shopping in the native village of Arutanga where you can buy locally made goods without the crowd of tourists you will face at the more popular tourist islands. The best thing to do when visiting Aitutaki is take a cruise of the island’s lagoon. One Foot Island is a great locale for a picnic and some snorkeling. For the diving enthusiast, the seas around Aitutaki are full of excellent dive locations with bright coral reefs and beautiful fish. Another great Cook Island to visit is Atiu. There are not many beaches on Atiu, but the few it does have are especially quiet, clean, and beautiful. This island is the best place to go to find a deserted tropical beach! The coral reef is nearby, so swimmers need to take caution to avoid being scratched by living coral. The road around the island is shaded by the thick brush of the forest, and provides stunning views of the island and the surrounding seas. Here you can see native craftsmen making Tapa into flowers and designing their own tapestries. They will gladly sell them to waiting tourists for the right price. The best place to stay when visiting the Cook Islands is Rarotonga. This island offers guests the chance to explore a rare cloud forest, which is a rainforest that literally touches the heavens. Many of the plants you will see on Rarotonga are unique to the Cook Islands, so be sure to take plenty of pictures. You can explore the interior of the island by a guided cross-country hike or four-wheel drive safari. There are ten luxury resorts to choose from on Rarotonga. All have their own restaurants and access to a private beach. Many of the beaches are open for swimming, and those hotels that have swimming beaches offer snorkeling equipment for rent. For a bicycling adventure, head to Mauke, an island that is half the size of Rarotonga at only just over eleven miles in circumference. The avid bicycler can span the island in one day, and explore raised coral reefs, swamps, forests, and a wild world that is untouched by the resort crowd. There are no paved roads on the island, making it a rustic paradise. Keep your eyes open for wild pigs that inhabit the island! For a vacation that is miles away from the tourist traps of many Pacific islands, head to the Cook Islands. Base your trip out of Rarotonga, and explore as many islands as you can. You never know what tropical secrets you will discover! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: