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Landscaping-Gardening Pets can be very rambunctious when playing in the yard, and may often be unaware of boundaries between safety and risk of danger from passing vehicles. If your pets safety is a constant concern, it may be time for you to get an electric pet fence installed. Getting to know your electric pet fence system Your electric pet fence is designed to create a perimeter boundary and safely contain your pets within a specific physical area, usually in your yard. A highly effective electric fence system is made up of these three essential components: Transmitter control module The transmitter control module is the nerve center of your electric pet fence. This component also houses the control system that produces the coded digital radio signal which runs through your electric pet fence. The module also contains the power transformer and a back-up battery-powered unit, should you experience power failure. Your electric pet fence installer should be able to install it in a safe and secure way and should be able to help you be familiar with its operation. Electric fence wire Also known as boundary wire, this component is essentially what makes up the physical form of your electric pet fence. The electric wire is laid around the perimeter of your yard to mark the boundary line that you dont want your pets to cross. Most electric pet fence kits contain a 500-foot long coil of standard 20-gauge electrical wire that can cover the perimeter of up to 1/3 of an acre. If you have a bigger yard or area, you can buy additional wire in most hardware or electrical supply stores in the Columbus area. You can discuss how best to install the boundary wires with your installer, either burying it or using staples and/or zip ties. Pet receiver collar The pet receiver collar has a digital radio signal receiver programmed to activate a warning sound when your dog reaches a pre-set distance near the boundary wire. If your dog is stubborn and continues to approach the edge, he or she will receive a minor shock designed to surprise him or her. For your pets safety, its important to have a trained installer to configure the pet receiver collar properly and set the shock strength that induces only surprise and discomfort, but not cause severe pain and physical shock. As a rule of thumb, only a shock level that’s enough to get your pet’s attention into leaving the boundary wire area is used. Its wise to choose an electric pet fence system that allows for variable shock levels. This is especially useful when you keep pets of varying sizes. If you have large breeds, an interesting feature that you want to ask your installer is a pet receiver collar with a vibration feature. Its also important to remember that the pet receiver collar does not replace your pets regular collar and must not be used as such. Size counts when choosing the right electrical pet fence system When choosing an electric pet fence system, you need to get one that is a good fit for your pet (or pets) and your yard. In this case, size counts. There many different electric pet fence systems that answer specific yard and pet needs, so ask your electric pet fence installer which system would be appropriate for you. Keeping your pets safe is the bottom line When you install an electric pet fence, youre ensuring the safety of your pets, and your peace of mind. A highly effective electric pet fence will give your pets free rein all over your yard, while affirming his or her boundaries in a friendly but firm way. New Technologies Stay on top of new and improved technologies in the electric pet fence industry. Wireless Systems, Designer Collars and improved batteries are just some of the new equipment that might be available to you. Check with your local Electric Pet Fence dealer to discuss your options and see whats right for you. To get more information on how to choose your electric pet fences, check our site at .ColumbusPetFence… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: