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In the 1 Czech tourism central Sohu Klum Love (Cesky Krumlov) 2 Austria (Austria) in Lake Wolfgang (Wolfgangsee) of the 3 Austria (Austria), a landscape of lakes and mountains of Vienna (Vienna) city hall beautiful building is still not love on the streets of Paris downtown, luxury shops, mess, discarded cigarette butts may Western metropolis is many high streets and back lanes, love go for a lot of people in our country, but for me, or some European town to comfort. I’m looking for is that remains a rich folk tradition, retains the witness those destruction dynasties architectural monuments, grace different idyllic place, that is I want to experience a place, I think the central Europe I’m going! The United Nations at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage area gathered in this small place, a large number of medieval Old Town, ornate opera, magnificent churches, many ancient dynasty castle ruins, and before the collapse of the Berlin wall, Central Eastern socialist countries left to concrete products for tourist attractions in buildings in the Communist Party; the natural beauty is dizzying, snow mountain, limpid Alpine glacial lakes, lush Schwarzwald, enjoy sunbathing on the Baltic coast, there are beautiful cottages interspersed between slowly undulating green hills, scenes of the natural scenery is like a picture show in you the sight of. Czech, Austria, Switzerland, in addition to nine…… China EU, Switzerland and Germany have been, I take advantage of the summer with her family in Austria, chose Czech, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany made a brief trip, although some may feel, but overall is still a good feeling for me to do these places the depth of travel is very helpful, especially for small dodo, to help her round up a few years ago did not go to Czech travel dream. Or let me choose a few photos in each place to stay, let us look at the thick and thick, followed by a detailed travel notes. 4 Germany (Germany), the main river of Frankfurt (Frankfurt) 5 (Frankfurt) in Frankfurt, the old city of Rome (Romerberg) 6 square (Germany), Germany (Wurzburg) Wuerzburg baroque palace was included in the UNESCO heritage list of the 7 Wuerzburg (Wurzburg) baroque palace was included in the UNESCO Organization of heritage in the garden at 8 Wuerzburg (Wurzburg) was built in fifteenth Century the old bridge river main (Alte Mainbrucke) 9 huge cruise on the river main, large vineyard and riverbank on the hillside, constitute a natural beauty of the German 10 (Germany), Rothenberg (Rothenburg OB Der T相关的主题文章: