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Home-Improvement Relaxing in a hot tub spa is an amazing experience and is available to more people now than ever before. With decline in prices of hot tubs and availability of small, portable hot tubs spa, they are now commonly found in an average household. Hot tubs and spas are also very common in health clubs and vacation resorts. While enjoying and relaxing in a hot tub spa, many people often overlook the important rules for maintenance of hygiene in hot tubs and spas, which can lead to infection. Given below are few important tips to maintain an infection-free hot tub and spa. Every hot tub and spa comes with a booklet explaining important instructions and directions regarding its maintenance. Owners and maintainers of the hot tub spa should read these instructions carefully and should abide by them. All the people using hot tubs and spas have some microbes on their skin and throughout their digestive tract. Many of these microbes are bacteria which can cause eye or skin infection when dissolved in water. Different people have different kinds of microbes in their body and thus some have more dangerous kind of bacteria as compared to others. Bacteria in water can get attached to a persons body and can cause several diseases. Therefore, people with obvious skin infection, bandages, or intestinal upset should not use hot tubs and spas. Also, diapered babies should be kept away from the spa tub. pH and Concentration of Bromine or Chlorine Almost all the hot tubs and spa manufacturers provide water test kits on the purchase of hot tubs and spas. These test kits enable the owner to determine the pH of the water and also find the concentration of bromine and chlorine in it. These are critical factors that determine the health of the water for the hot tub spa. Most spa owners use bromine as their main disinfectant. Given below are few tips for controlling microbes in hot tubs and spas You can use bromine tablets as water disinfectant The bromine tablets are kept in a container or a float with water ports in it. These ports can be regulated to allow a permitted amount of water to enter and exit the float. Apart from bromine, you can also use chlorine as a disinfectant. Both chlorine and bromine are good oxidizing agents that kill or inactivate microbes and help in maintenance of healthy and sanitized water. For better results with the disinfectants, the pH of the water should be maintained between 7.2 to 7.8. Regular water tests and checks should be done to determine the health of the water Filter and pumps should be run on a regular basis to clear the impurities of the water and effectively circulate the bromine. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic hot tub and spa is important to promote health of the skin and the body and to enjoy all the benefits offered by spa to its fullest. Maintaining a healthy hot tub or spa helps all those who use that hot tub or spa to have a refreshing time and to promote the health of the skin and the body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: