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Health Retail clinics have emerged as a critical .ponent of the .munity health system in the US. While traditional primary health care providers are available for specific hours only, patients prefer to visit clinics that are open even after their office hours and on weekends when they dont have to go to office. A walk in medical clinic in Houston offers the patients the chance to get quick treatments and good quality medical care even in the early morning as well as late evenings. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, there are over 8,700 urgent care centers in the US, of which approximately 4,500 are full fledged centers and meet the criteria of a certified urgent care center. Benefits of a Walk in Medical Clinic in Houston: Important Features As the name suggests, a walk in medical clinic in Houston offers medical assistance to anybody who walks in. The main feature of such clinics is that they are open for longer hours- about 12 hours on weekdays and about eight hours over the weekend. People often ignore their ailments or illnesses because they dont have the time to visit a clinic. This problem has been resolved by the proliferation of walk in or retail clinics. Patients can now get remedies for their medical problems without .promising with their busy work schedules or missing their business meetings. A walk in clinic in Houston also provides the necessary medical care for non life threatening injuries arising due to an accident. This means patients dont have to rush to an emergency center every time they sustain an injury. This saves a lot of time and money without .promising on the quality of medical aid. A walk in medical clinic in Houston fills the gap between a primary care physician and an emergency room by providing treatment for non life threatening medical conditions. These centers offer fast and affordable medical aid to patients suffering from an illness or patients who were injured in an accident. One thing that patients can be assured of is that the quality of medical help provided is not .promised in any way and each patient gets one to one attention. Some of the major features of walk in clinics in Houston include: 1.Experienced doctors treat patients on a one to one basis 2.The average waiting time for a patient is about 15-25 minutes 3.The charges at these clinics are about one third of the cost of visiting an emergency center 4.Patients need not take any kind of appointment and can just walk in 5.They are open for long hours and work on all 365 days 6.Many of the walk in medical clinics in Houston, offer some basic lab services for onsite testing, such as X-ray. 7.They provide copies of your reports and treatment advice to your physician for proper follow up 8.They provide treatment options for both the elderly and children above six months. 9.They can provide physical health certificates often required by school authorities and for job purposes. 10.These clinics offer occupational medical services for treatment of injured employees. 11.A walk in medical clinic in Houston can also do the necessary evaluations for foreign travel 12.These retail clinics can also be approached for various vaccinations. About the Author: fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, the way it grows, what process 相关的主题文章: